Employer Section – Hiring Foreigners

ICS – Immigration and Recruiting Company has been providing a full service of Immigration Consultancy in diverse categories. Furthermore we cover Recruitment Services and we had proven our expertise in sourcing exceptional foreign workers with professional skills for Canadian businesses. We are in a unique position to fulfill your staffing needs as well as providing full service throughout Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and Work Permit applications procedure. Besides we are able to quickly identify critical data required to implement your foreign recruitment program, identify your staffing requirements and help you realize your retention goals.

Moreover, as professional Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, we eliminate the danger of noncompliance with government processes and approvals.

The scopes of our services include the following but not limited to:

  • Source foreign workers in Canada and overseas
  • Screen education and work history of potential candidates to ensure they comply with immigration requirements within the Temporary Foreign Worker program;
  • Assess and advise on all related admissibility and immigration factors;
  • Support cross-border intercompany transfer activities for existing employees;
  • Manage the LMIA process;
  • Support international candidates and existing employees with various immigration processes such as visa applications, work permit extensions, Quebec selection/acceptance certificates, PNP certificates, permanent residence applications, NAFTA, and ICT Specialized Knowledge applications;
  • Ensure that the company is fully compliant with all relevant laws, regulations and company values;
  • Monitor work permit, visa and passport expiry dates as well as application statuses;
  • Monitor and track the company’s day to day activities related to foreign workers to ensure the company is in full compliance with all related Federal and Provincial regulations;
  • Maintain Temporary Foreign Worker turnover to 10-20% or below.

For more information about our immigration and recruitment services, please contact our experts.

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