Canada Immigration for Business People – British Columbia

The Entrepreneur Immigration stream of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a path to immigrate to Canada and settle in B.C. for experienced entrepreneurs who can support innovation and economic growth in the province.

Enrepreneur Immigration – Program Requirements:

If you want to immigrate to British Columbia. and are ready to invest in and actively manage a valid business here, you may qualify for our Entrepreneur Immigration stream. Here is an overview of the requirements.

Personal Requirements

To qualify, you must:

  • have a personal net worth of at least CAD $600,000
  • demonstrate business and/or management experience
  • have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada

You must also have been lawfully admitted in the country where you currently reside.

Business, job and investment requirements

To qualify you must:

  • establish an eligible new business or purchase and improve an existing business
  • make an eligible personal investment of at least CAD $200,000 in the business
  • create at least one new full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the business

If the candidate is accepted for PR in every classification, so his or her associated spouse & all reliant kids also get accepted for PR.

Registration and application fees

All applicants must pay the following fees:

  • $300 registration fee
  • $3,500 application fee
  • $1,000 for each key staff application

Strategic Project:

Do you want to establish a business operation in B.C.?

The Strategic Projects category of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration stream enables foreign-controlled companies to set up a branch office or other operating facility in B.C.

The company can propose up to five key staff members who intend to settle in B.C. and who will actively manage the operation in B.C.

Is my company eligible?

To qualify, the company must:

  • be in excellent financial health; provide evidence of good business practices and successful business operations outside Canada that are relevant to the proposed B.C. business.
  • identify investment opportunities in B.C. based on commercial decisions and credible foundations.
  • demonstrate that the proposed key employees are qualified senior employees who are essential to establishing and operating the business

Are the key staff members eligible?

The company’s key staff members must have, or be eligible for, immigration status in Canada. We will not accept applications of key staff members who:

  • are prohibited from entering Canada
  • have not been lawfully admitted in the country of current residence
  • are in Canada and are out of status
    • An individual whose status has expired, and they cannot demonstrate they have applied for restoration of status within the 90-day eligibility period, will be considered out of status
  • are working in Canada without authorization
  • have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada
  • are under a removal order in or outside Canada

What are the requirements?

The company will be required to:

  • make a minimum equity investment of at least $500,000 to establish or purchase and expand an eligible business in B.C.
  • create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for each foreign key staff member proposed (toa maximum of five key staff)
  • establish or purchase and expand a company in B.C.

How does it work? 

It takes about 2 months for the government to review the preliminary proposal and to schedule the interview following the submission of the business plan, it takes another 2 to 3 months. The preliminary proposal is the first to be submitted.

Once you are accepted by PNP, you have to sign the performance agreement, then you get the 2-year visa and you have to select between normal processing and fast track nomination. If you select fast track nomination, you have to provide the region of BC a refundable deposit of $125,000 then they will nominate you instantly.

It will take around 20 months for you to become a permanent resident. You will have a visa in around the 5th or 6th month although the complete processing time is therefore 20 months, and will be able to be in BC in getting your business going.

The government will send you reports to fill out every 6 months or so, and if at the end of two years, you met with the conditions of your performance agreement, you will get your $125,000 returning, but without interest.

If you don’t met with the conditions of your performance agreement, you lose your $125,000, but you get to keep your PR status.

You get the two year work permit with the normal processing, and you need to send in regular reports on your improvement. If in the end of two years you have met with your conditions of agreement, then your work permit is prolonged, and you are selected.

With the filling up of the federal form, you will be a PR in about 9 to 12 months. If you will not met with your conditions of agreement, then your work permit will not be prolonged and you must have to leave Canada.

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