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We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a full service Immigration Consultancy providing professional consultation and representation services for the full range of Immigration categories. Our Recruitment division ICS has proven expertise in sourcing exceptional foreign workers for Canadian businesses. As we cover both Recruitment and Immigration, we are in a unique position to fulfill your staffing needs as well as service all processes required for hiring and retaining foreign workers as well as handle due processes for the workers to join  organizations.

We understand that staffing challenges impact profitability. We are able to quickly identify critical data required to implement your foreign recruitment program, identify your staffing requirements and help you realize your retention goals. We ensure that you receive clear and timely communication from us to help you understand how this process works, what to expect and when your staff will arrive. This will enable you to manage your business more effectively. We believe in keeping you current every step of the way.

You shall have the assurance and confidence that our intensive sourcing, screening and matching and, if required, training delivers exceptional candidates with strong English skills. Our candidates are especially vetted for their loyalty, work ethic, technical knowledge and expertise and are of the highest quality. Through our Global network of trusted and competent sourcing partners and professionally trained recruiters, our hiring process aims to guarantee that you select the right fit candidates. We have the wherewithal to source foreign workers across a large range of industries such as IT, Construction, Hospitality, Food Service, Oil and Mining, Healthcare, Medicine, Administration, Banking & Finance, Production as well as semi skilled and low skilled foreign workers in almost all need areas across Canada.

Further, as professional immigration consultants, we eliminate the danger of noncompliance with government processes and approvals. We deliver positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), POLO approvals, Candidate Acceptances, employee visas and work permits utilizing a timely and seamless process.

We also take care of the employees by providing them with pre arrival and post arrival assistance, help and orientation for a smooth and hassle free settlement as well as provide you with employees who are prepared to join the Canadian workplace.

We value the opportunity to help your workers realize the dream of being able to work in Canada, to fulfill your needs and reduce your turnover costs and we do this with our core values of Integrity, thoroughness and sensitive approach

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