List of the best professions for immigration to Canada in 2017

Finding a job is probably the second most important priority for those who plan to immigrate to a new country, going immediately after finding a place of residence. Canada offers a range of career opportunities in highly paid and highly qualified professions. The lack of a qualified workforce prompted the federal government to create a system of express entry for people with high-priority skills. Here is a list of the best professions for immigrants, based on the requests of the federal government.

Web Designer and Developer

Salary per hour: $15.20 – C$59.39

Salary per year: $41,230- C$84,320

Construction Manager

Salary per hour: $36.20 – C$118.39

Salary per year: $57,662 – C$180,110

Financial and Investment Analyst

Salary per hour: $18.47 – C$35.99

Salary per year: $48,188 – C$81,435

Computer Programmer and Developer of Interactive Media

Salary per hour: $17.20 – C$54.39

Salary per year: $42,196 – C$79,472

Geologist and Oceanographer

Salary per year: $49,999 – C$79,028

Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum, Geotechnical Engineer; Mining, Aerospace and Computer Engineer, Construction Engineer

Salary per hour: $22.62 – C$45.18

Salary per year: $49,268 – C$105,172

Manager of Computer and Information Systems

Salary per hour: $25.20 – C$85.39

Salary per year: $48,662 – C$109,110

Software Engineer and Designer

Salary per hour: $18.20 – C$114.54

Salary per year: $47,354- C$91,328

Maintenance Specialist for Household and Business Electrical Equipment

Salary per hour: $23.25- C$119.39

Salary per year: $54,325- C$117,256