Canada has several pathways for work and residency approvals. An immigration agent can answer further questions. An immigration lawyer may assist with those matters that can become more complex.

Pathways for Australian Immigrants
Living and working in Canada may be a desire for Australian workers or families. New employers in Canada may offer an Australian worker a job position. Australian families may wish to make residency arrangements in Canada. The following are several pathways that a worker or family can take:

1. A Canadian Experience Class is offered to immigrants that allows them a temporary foreign workers pass. This is offered to workers with two years of skilled work experience in Canada. This class of immigrant is offered, also, to those who have graduated from a Canadian tertiary school and have one year of skilled work experience in Canada. This type of immigration class is based on an ability to assimilate easily into a Canadian society.

2. A business immigrant status is available in Canada for those Australians wishing to start a business in Canada outside of Quebec. An Australian business investor or entrepreneur can apply for a business immigrant’s class. An applicant will need to have business experience and a minimum net worth.

3. Provincial nominees are those who have the education and skills to contribute to the province’s economy. Prospective applicants need to apply to provincial authorities in order to be nominated for this class. Requirements for acceptance can vary according to the economic needs of the particular province.

4. A family sponsorship is a type of immigration class that is offered. Australian individuals or families can be sponsored by their family members who already live in Canada. Dependent family members receive priority.

5. Immigration status can be available for skilled workers and professionals. This level of class is available for those Australians who wish to work and live anywhere in Canada except Quebec. Skilled workers and professionals are admitted for immigration status if they have the education and work experience that is being sought within the area of Canada for which they are applying. Quebec has its own laws regarding this type of immigration. New professional workers need to support themselves while they are seeking employment, if they are not already employed.

6. Australians may apply for immigration status within the province of Quebec. The rules that apply are unique to this province since this area has its own system for selecting the skilled workers who live and work within Quebec. Quebec province requires that a skilled worker have the potential to make an immediate contribution to the economy of the area. Proficiency in French is important. Each new applicant needs to petition the provincial government and receive approval. The applicant will apply to the Canadian national authorities for immigration in order to live in Quebec.

An immigration agent is available to answer any further questions for those Australians who wish to live and work in Canada. An immigration lawyer can assist in filing any documents necessary for this type of residency move. Obtaining a work permit may be in order. Students are usually assisted by their attending university with this type of work or residency requirement. Corporations have similar assistance for new employees with their firms. This post comes courtesy of Hunt Migration, who can assist people who are seeking a business, family or education visa to live in Australia.