“Canada needs to increase the number of new country’s residents significantly”, – said John McCallum, Federal Immigration and Citizenship Minister last Friday. According to him, in order to meet the workforce demand in the labour market, the Liberal government will increase immigrant quotas.

This statement was made by the Minister during his speech at the Commerce Chamber of the Philippines in Manila.

“Why don’t we significantly increase the number of incoming immigrants to Canada? – McCallum asked. “This is exactly what we are going to do”, – he responded.

The Trudeau Government is going to provide permission for obtaining the Canadian permanent residency status to 280 to 305 thousand newcomers from different countries.

Please be reminded that last year such permissions were granted to 285 thousand newcomers.
Preference is granted to those who bring innovation ideas or plans to develop businesses in Canada as well as those possessing the required skills and knowledge for successful work here from the very beginning.

McCallum promised to simplify certain entry rules for immigrants, first of all, for international students who upon graduation from universities may decide to choose Canada as a country for their residency.

The Minister is also intending to remove the process of assessing potential chances of candidates to obtain a working visa in Canada which is also known as Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA.
McCallum promises to make both the immigration rules and process easier and simpler.

The Minister understands that not all of the Canadians will welcome these decisions, however, he is certain that the Government will succeed in convincing the citizens that it is a good idea.