Canada being a diverse country has a lot of attractions when it comes to tourists picking out and visiting their best places. It really has a collection of wonderful places just like anyone having a collection of stamps or any art collection. You will get to see the beauty of nature without any human interference or harm caused to it. Any desire of doing something active, adventurous or sober, everything is offered to you by Canada. Well, your visitor’s visa will always come handy when you want to go outside and explore such beautiful countries.

Canada’s main tourist attraction begins with the visit to Niagara Falls, also known as Horseshoe Falls located on the US-Canada border and which can be praised from both the border ends i.e. USA and Canada as well. It almost has a lakh of people visiting it daily. To visit Niagara Falls is just like visiting one of the wonders of the world. It would be a great lovers spot for the newlyweds and you can even have cruise rides to have a look at the natural beauty of the falls closely. Another place you can visit CN Tower. This tower stands 553.33 meters high and was also the tallest buildings of Toronto until it was overtaken by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. To visit CN Tower which was once nominated in Seven Wonders of the World with a revolving restaurant and glass deck is must-see for anyone who visits Canada.

For all those adventurous people you can visit Calgary in Alberta for a mountain valley experience. You can even visit the green lush farms in Canadian Rockies and the famous Banff National Work. For all the lovely couples you can visit the Montreal in Quebec which is the second largest city to visit when you go to Canada and even known for its theatre and drama act. The shopaholic people can surely have a nice time bargaining in the markets and enjoying the delicious food and culture. Vancouver another beautiful destination is famous for its lovely beaches and its location between the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Coastal with beautiful scenery all around.

Victoria being the capital of British Columbia is also one of the best locations to visit when you go to Canada. You can go for fishing, playing golf, bike rides and even have a look at the port for cruise ships. You must surely visit the old Quebec city which was chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and also has a hotel made of ice. There are so many things to explore in Canada that might even take ages when you sit on the Internet and surf about these destinations. You can apply for a visitor’s visa which comes in aid when you want to go around the world and especially go to Canada, the place to be.