Canada Business Immigration

If you are looking for obtaining Canadian citizenship along with exploring business opportunities in Canada then ICS in Canada is a one stop solution for all your needs.

At ICS we aim at providing professional and timely assistance in handling all types of immigration applications to successfully represent our clients’ interests before the authorities of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Canada through its policies and incentives has been constantly inviting entrepreneurs across the globe to invest in Canadian economy through its new start-up visa. Accepting to the fact that such investments will create more jobs and increase the economic growth, the Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program is the first of its kind in the world. The pilot project program will run for five years.

If you are considering it as an option it is important for you to understand the advantages of doing business in Canada. Amidst many advantages, innovative, diverse and smart workforce is the most attractive incentive of setting up a business there. Our expert consultants at ICS take you through our research and help you identify the same. At the same time Canada has a diverse base of word’s most successful industrial sector. To quote a few examples, Canada is the world’s 5th largest aerospace producer; Canadian companies are global leaders across the entire gaming value chain; Canada’s banks are ranked number one globally by the World Economic Forum and so on.

At ICS we also help you decide the right form of business ownership as it is an important aspect. The form of business ownership you choose will determine how your business will be organized, how the money flow in and out of your business will be handled, and most importantly how your business is taxed.

The expert ICS consultants provide an overall assistance and consultation whether you qualify to get a start up visa or not. If you qualify you will also be eligible to obtain a permanent residency status in Canada through acquiring a business. With the view of making Canada a destination a preferred choice for start-up innovators, which will in turn help Canada remain competitive in the global economy, this kind of visa is a highly specialized kind of visa. You can sign up with ICS’s email club and verify your skills and eligibility to work and live in Canada. This will also help you get easy access ICS’s most requested services and information.

So whether you are an established business entity who is looking to expand overseas or a start-up who thinks Canadian land is your target market then let us help prepare your immigration package, assess your skills and connect your business in the right way. We as a company have an excellent understanding of the risks that you make have of shifting your business to a new country. So in order to ensure a joyful experience in the country of choice we will provide all assistance in order to obtain all important visas and permits required.

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