Which is the easiest province to immigrate to Canada using Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs)?

Do you know which province is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee?

No? Then let’s find out it now.

You are probably aware of the fact that every year thousands of foreigners apply for immigration to Canada. However, you don’t know that the most of those wishing to immigrate do so by applying for PNPs. Why do they choose PNPs instead of the federal immigration programs? Is it easier to immigrate using PNPs?

To begin, PNPs are an option for those applicants who don’t qualify for a federal immigration programs in Canada. Through the PNPs the provinces of Canada have the right to nominate their nominees wishing to obtain a Canadian permanent residence in these provinces. You can easily find such programs, for example, in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec and other provinces.

And the very good news for you is that there are two provinces in which exist the most loyal rules to obtain the Canadian residence permit. These provinces are Saskatchewan and Quebec.

Immigration to Saskatchewan

Thanks to popular higher schools and a research university, Saskatchewan has become the target province of international students. The good news is that students from abroad can apply for permanent residence in Saskatchewan without a job offer. The time for obtaining permanent resident status in Saskatchewan is up to 10 months. In addition, there are many job opportunities in mining and petroleum and the rate of joblessness is quite low.

Immigration to Quebec

A lot of immigrants take part in the PNP of Quebec, because there you can get permanent residence in just two years.