There are many truck drivers operating in Canada. We help new drivers to get proper training for truck drivers in Canada. There is a huge requirement for truck drivers who can operate heavy vehicles that take good from one end of the city to another. There are materials that are taken by these trucks through the urban, interurban and international routes.

The person who has experience in driving general vehicles can come up to Canada to work as a successful truck driver. We arrange for the study materials and training. Then you can take the test for the driver of a truck. You can also get the proper license from the right department.

Various types of fields

You will be fit to get a job as a truck driver for trucks that move bulk goods. You can also apply for the dump truck driver post, long haul, flatbed truck or tow truck driver post. There are logging trucks, moving vans, trailers, tractors and heavy trucks that need experienced and reliable drivers in Canada.

We take up the responsibility of training you in the different ways or methods of driving these vehicles in tough tracks. There is a clear growth in the economic sector of the country and so the need for responsible drivers for the trucks has increased.

Products and jobs for the drivers

There are more and more consumer products and food coming into the market that needs to be moved out and around the city. The trucks move 90 per cent of these products all over the country. We will help you get into the right job after you complete the training and get the license for driving trucks in Canada.

We can help you get a job as drivers for a truck for different companies or in the hiring jobs for drivers. The for-hire industry consists of companies who give trucks for hire to other companies with drivers.

Annual salary and immigration rules

The truck driver’s annual salary comes to almost 60,000$ CAD and you would like the way the job makes you happy. There are truck driving schools in Canada that are our partners and you will not face any problem in getting admission letters from them. The hassles of immigration applications along with visitor visa and regular work permits will be taken up by us. You will also get all assistance for job placements after acquiring the license.

The license will take about 2 and ½ months but after you get the license you can be sure of a job of 40 – 50 working hours per week.

There are nominal service charges for our services offered. You will also have to be prepared for the tuition fees in the driving schools. The tuition fees are approximately 2000 CAD. The consultancy and job assistance service charges are also there for people who would be interested to take our services.

We offer services for people immigrating in Canada and shall take care of all the necessary applications and training opportunities. We also offer to promote these opportunities in countries like UAE, UK, Ukraine and India.

You just need to register with us and then we can do the needful so that you get the right kind of job that you are searching for.