It is surely hard to imagine your life away and alone from your dear ones in a stranger country where you would barely have anyone to even talk to in the beginning. Canada is a country known worldwide for its epic beauty and education. It is also known for the cool lifestyle and respect for every culture and religion. You can surely think of starting a new life there in the form of study permit or work permit. Both these categories surely have different benefits but the best choice made by individuals would usually be to study in Canada.

The best thing any student can start is with the study permit in Canada which provides them with a huge opportunity to expand the courses of different areas like IT, Hotel Management, Engineering, Arts and many other options. To study in Canada with a student visa is really appreciable if students choose programs which are of two years so that they get a work permit for 3 years and which will also help them get their Permanent Residency (PR) if they wish to. Studying in Canada gives all the students a change of mind, views and even makes them realize their responsibilities. Since, Canada is divided into two parts English and French, you even get a chance to learn a new language which would be beneficial anytime in life.

Work permit can also be one of the reasons to go to Canada. The candidate basically needs to get an offer letter from a company in Canada depending upon his qualifications. Jobs in Canada are available in a plenty for the time being because of its educational options. No one in Canada is jobless as even the person with the minimum educational qualifications has a good job to earn his daily living. Once you get permission from the Canadian Embassy and a positive result in the Labour Market Opinion you might get a job offer very soon in the country. Skilled worker in Canada are in tones but they also welcome new talents as diverse thinking also matters to make a business successful.

The only difference in work permit and student permit is that in student visa you are allowed to study for 2 years and then work for 3 years along with having a chance to apply for the PR whereas in work permit you cannot do so. You have to work only till the work permit is allotted to you. As soon as you are done, you have to leave the country. So, if suggestions are needed you can always visit a Canadian visa consultant for both the types of permit as they will guide you in the correct manner. The best preferable option is to always choose student permit as it has a lot of spectacular and amazing opportunities.