Express Entry Canada

Citizenship and immigration Canada recently announced its much awaited ambitious immigration program to be launched in January 2015. The new program termed as Express Entry Canada, is aimed at improving the current immigration process, faster application process time, greater accessibility to applications and increasing the quality of the applications.

Canada is suffering from lack of quality workforce due to the decrease in birth rate and ageing of existing population. The scarcity of workforce has a greater impact to the Canadian industries that struggle to complete with the larger global players. There is a need to boost the existing workforce by providing a better prospect for job search in Canada and initiate more job offer to sustain the industries.
Express entry program is inspired by a similar program in New Zealand and which is recently adopted by Australia. The entire process of The Express Entry Canada program is divided into different steps :

1. All the aspirant will have to create the required profile mentioning the required qualifications, profile, resume and experience through an online system. All express entry profiles will be scrutinized and ranked based on the different criteria. The main factors that may impact the ratings are the language skills of the candidate, past work experience in Canada if any, relevant job experience and other factors which may indicate the ability of the candidate.
2. All the application without the sponsorships of Canadian employer will be required to register into the newly created Canadian Job bank platform. This will help in creating a larger data bases for the Canadian employer to search the candidates that matches their requirements
3. All the applications can be accessed for any job search and should meet the required criteria as defined by the federal government . The candidates who meet the requirement will be placed in a pool for Express Entry Canada.
4. Canadian employer can access the required profiles from the pools and decide upon to send invitation for interview to the right candidates. The due diligence of selection is the responsibility of the employer. After the selection the candidate has 60 days timeline to apply for the permanent citizenship.
5. The candidate can apply for the permanent citizenship after meeting all required eligibility criteria specified under different programs.

Express Entry Canada program will provide a system for meeting the current workforce challenge in a faster and a better way.The changes in the immigration policy will have a great immediate impact as well as a long term effect on Canadian economy.

The benefits are :

1. Skilled resources access will encourage the industries hence will be act as a boost to country’s economy
2. Employer will save time and experience to search the required skilled resources
3. This will create more job opportunity for skilled migrants hence attracting talent world over
4. This will remove the existing multilayered complicated process through a systemic hassle free process
Express Entry Canada is projected as a next big policy by Canadian current government. The government is committed to spend around $14.7 m in two years’ time to build and manage the entire system and allocate the required resources to make the planning a success.

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