immigration-options-and-job-opportunities-in-canadaCanada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. And understandingly so, as the country offers immense opportunities for students, skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to explore and expand their career horizons. There are many who favour immigration to Canada to become a permanent resident of the country only to ensure that they get the benefit from the prosperity and high-class life quality of Canada. On the other hand, many immigrants move to Canada for learning the basics of good business and technological advancements and then implement it in their native countries.

Flexible immigration and visa services of Canada

At present, Canada is in requirement of skilled labour. Although there is no dearth to the availability of resources and technological infrastructure in the country, Canada lacks the human resources that can help its growth. That is the reason why Canada immigration and visa service have been lately molded to welcome skilled workers and business practitioners so that they can contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Apart from the general immigration workers visa, you can now also apply through various other immigration visas such as:

  1. Federal skilled workers visa: It is meant for those who want to work and then settle in Canada outside the province of Quebec.
  2. Skilled Trades visa: It is for those who are qualified in a particular trade.
  3. Quebec-selected skilled workers visa: It is for those who are selected by the Quebec government for working and settling in Quebec province.
  4. Canadian experience class: This visa is for those who have already worked in Canada or have studied there and are desirous of continuing working in the country.
  5. Entrepreneurs, self-employed people and investors: This visa is for those who are interested in starting a business in Canada.
  6. Provincial nominees: In this case, the candidate is nominated by the territories or provinces of Canada and expects you to settle and work there.
  7. Family sponsorship: You can also go to Canada if a family member who is a permanent resident sponsors you.
  8. Caregivers: This visa is granted to the individuals who have the qualification to provide care to the elderly person or persons, disabled people in private homes, children without any supervision.
  9. Refugees: This visa is granted to those who are afraid of going back to their native place due to terrorist or racist attacks or any other reason.

Job opportunities in Canada

There are so many work opportunities available in Canada that you are bound to find one job opportunity in Canada that is suitable for you. From low salaried jobs to medium and high salaried jobs, you can find all types of job levels in this country. However, the salaries mostly depend upon the amount of experience and the level of qualification you possess.

There is no dearth to the availability of low skill jobs in Canada, however, as an immigrant, you should be prepared to get low salary than the locals as that are the regular norms in Canada. These low-level jobs are easy to find with many outlets showing signs of ‘help wanted’ or ‘now hiring’. These jobs are for hotel services, restaurants, shops, gas stations, supermarkets or stores, general stores, industries and production lines.