Everything you need to know about Immigration to Canada from other countries

Consultation consists of 30 minutes Skype conversation time block to allow you to pick topics that are of interest to you personally or important to your family.

Sergei Korsunov is a Canadian Immigration Consultant, member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Counsel (ICCRC),  Member #: R413655.  He is presenter for consultations. Those who know him will confirm that he is a dynamic professional with a great personality and passion for helping  citizens of other countries solve various Canada visa related issues.

You owe it to yourself to attend this consultation – in addition to the learning experience, you have the opportunity to speak with the best in the field, ask questions, share your concerns, learn some strategies to deal with Immigration authorities of Canada.

Consultation Outline includes:

• Evaluation of diplomas and work experience for the purpose of employment in Canada;
• Evaluation of candidates’ eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada;
• Job Search Services in Canada (job offers);
• Immigration application processing times;
• Federal and Provincial Immigration Programs (e.g. immigration to Toronto, Quebec etc.);
• Permanent Workers;
• Regulated and Non-regulated trades and professions in Canada;
• Employment of healthcare occupations in Canada;
• Business Immigration;
• Immigration delays and refusals;
• Student Visas;
• Family reunification in Canada;
• Canadian Citizenship

Singles:    $ 80 CAD
Families:   $ 95 CAD
Students:  $ 50 CAD

How to register for a personal consultation.

# 1.Fill out and submit  Intial Consultation Form
# 2 Submit your payment via wire transfer, a credit card or PayPal
# 3. Present yourself for the consultation at the appointed time with your ID Card