It’s official. An agreement has been signed that will simplify the immigration to Canada for skilled workers.

The Government of New Brunswick and the Federal Government of Canada signed a new agreement on immigration Canada New Brunswick Immigration Agreement. This agreement should help New Brunswick to solve the problem of labor shortages and to increase the population.

The signing of the agreement took place in Moncton, New Brunswick, during the first Forum on French-speaking immigration between federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for immigration and the Canadian Francophonie.

The agreement supports New Brunswick in its goal to eliminate labor shortages and to increase the population by attracting more immigrants.

The appendix to the agreement, entitled “French-Speaking Immigrants”, is the first of its kind. It describes how Canada and New Brunswick will work together to attract and retain French-speaking immigrants and more skilled workers.

This appendix aims the development of new ways to attract French-speaking immigrants to New Brunswick in order to help the province to integrate them into French-speaking communes.

About a third of New Brunswick residents speak French. This is the highest proportion among all provinces, except for Quebec.

It’s promising that the news of this agreement appeared several hours after the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that changes in the federal system of selection of immigrants under the Express Entry program will come into force in the coming June.

Additional points for candidates with knowledge of the French language are among these changes.

This agreement is a part of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, including the recently launched Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, and will determine the relationship between New Brunswick and Canada in the context of immigration over the next five years.

According to the IRCC, this is the first comprehensive bilateral agreement on immigration between Canada and New Brunswick.