Ontario Passes Legislation to Maximize Benefits of Immigration.

New Legislation Will Help Attract More Skilled Immigrants, Boost Economic Growth.

Today Ontario passed the Ontario Immigration Act to help the province maximize the economic benefits of immigration.

Immigrants help grow a stronger economy by leveraging their networks and forging global connections that keep Ontario competitive in international markets.

Building on the government’s Immigration Strategy, the Ontario Immigration Act will:

  • Facilitate Ontario’s work with the federal government on the recruitment, selection and admission of skilled immigrants
  • Strengthen the province’s ongoing efforts to reduce fraud by protecting the integrity of Ontario’s immigrant selection program and improving accountability.
  • Increase transparency and information-sharing with the province’s immigration partners.

The legislation also supports the expansion of the Provincial Nominee Program to bring in skilled immigrants to help grow Ontario’s economy.

Maximizing Ontario’s immigration programs is part of the government’s economic plan for Ontario. The four-part plan includes investing in people’s talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario remains the number one destination for newcomers to Canada, receiving more immigrants than the combined total of all the western provinces, as well as all the territories.
  • Newcomers make up 30 per cent of Ontario’s labour force. Over the next 25 years, immigration will account for all of the increases in Ontario’s working-age population and is expected to be a major source of future labour force growth
  • The Ontario Immigration Act specifically recognizes the contributions that Francophones make to Ontario and will support the province’s goal to reach five per cent Francophone immigration.

Source: Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade