For a successful and safe trip to Canada as a student with your student visa, you first need to be sure about all the documents and processes to be completed. These days there are a lot of children who wish to study in Canada because of its flowing job opportunities as well as high education value. If you wish to go on student permit, you need to choose a full time course in English which should be bachelors, degree, Post graduation diploma or certificate course. Before applying for a Canadian student visa you need to prepare a list of documents needed for a study in Canada.

You have to follow the following processes in order to get a student visa:-

–          You should always consult a visa counselor who will guide you in choosing the relevant course as well as inform you about the fees and other requirements.

–          You should appear for the IELTS exam in order to get admitted in any college in Canada for your studies. A full time program has to be selected as that will only get you a student visa.

–          The documents that will be needed for the student permit to study in Canada are Passport, Passport size photographs, fees receipt, conditional offer letter, IELTS score, financial documents, academic documents and Medical reports.

–          If you choose Quebec then you need to even apply for a Certificate of Acceptance. But any province will not require such a certificate.

–          The Canadian High Commission will check all your documents and approve your application only through VFS office. Even your agent will help you in submission of the documents. Don’t forget to submit your medical reports along with your student permit documents.

–          You even need to show a Police Clearance Certificate to prove to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that you are a citizen of India having no criminal record and applying for a study permit in Canada.

–          The High Commission may also review your application by asking you to submit your application and documents again and may call you for an interview if needed.

After all these procedures are followed, you will get an approval from the Canadian Embassy regarding your student visa. Your agent will guide you as soon as you get your student permit to study in Canada you have to apply for a final call letter from your applied college. All these procedures are done and you are ready to fly to Canada. You need to take care of all details filled in application form and also other documents before you plan to come Canada.

So keeping all these things in mind always consult your agent because they are the right people to guide for a proper process to reach Canada without any problems.