GCHR SOLUTIONS’ dedication to providing Alberta’s and Saskatchewan’s employers with a solid pool of available talent has driven us to expand our service line to include international staffing. Acting as a liaison between both candidate and company, GCHR SOLUTIONS will identify and assist the candidate possessing the right technical skills, experience and communication level to blend into the Canadian job market.

Telephone interviews are conducted, work references verified, medical and criminal history confirmed. We coordinate all necessary documentation and provide an after hire service to ensure your smooth transition into the organization.
Who we’re looking for positions would include but not limited to:

Pipe fitters
Agricultural Workers
Food Servers
General Construction Workers
General Labourers

As Canadian immigration and Human Resource specialists, GCHR Solutions and Global Citizens Inc are committed to ensuring that you obtain the best Canadian visa, immigration and job placement services for your requirements. You can set your application in motion today by visiting the online assessment area now. Just complete one of our simple forms.

After we assess your qualifications, you will be informed if you qualify. If you would qualify to apply for a certain job position or positions in Canada, we open your file and proceed with the processing of your application for a work permit or/and permanent resident visa.

Please note that GCHR Solutions and Global Citizens Inc will not share your personal information with any other third party, any information submitted to us will only be used to assess your visa eligibility.

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