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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Canada Work Visas

Question : What is a Canada Work Visa?
Answer : A Canada Work Visa or Canada Work Permit is a document issued by the Canadian government that allows a foreigner such as US Citizen to legally work in Canada for a temporary period of time.
Question : Do all foreigners require a Canada Work Visa?
Answer : No. There are certain persons who are EXEMPT or do not require Canada Work Visas (subject to certain conditions).
• Foreign Diplomats
• Military Personnel
• Clergy
• Performing Artists (under certain circumstances)
• Athletes
• Artists
• Ship or Truck Personnel
• Designated Foreign Buyers and Sellers
Note : There are other exemptions that are found in the Canadian Immigration Regulations.

Question : If I work in Canada for a period of time, can I get Permanent Resident status?
Answer : Possibly. If you work in Canada for two years under a valid Work Permit you may eligible for Permanent Resident status under the Canadian Experience Class depending on your job classification and your language proficiency.

Question : What if I need a Canada Work Visa? How Do I get a Work Permit for Canada issued to me?
Answer : Generally, there is a two step procedure involved in obtaining a Canada Work Visa.

Step 1: Get a A Labour Market Opinion (LMO) letter from Service Canada (formally HRSDC)

Before applying for a Canada Work Visa, in most cases, you need to obtain a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) from Service Canada (formally HRSDC).
The procedure involved in obtaining an LMO from Service Canada is that the prospective Canadian employer applies for approval of the job offer to the foreign worker. Service Canada will issue the LMO approval or confirmation IF they are satisfied that there are no Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents who are qualified for and willing to fill the position offered by a foreign worker OR that the foreign worker will train Canadians during his or her employment in Canada. Typically, the prospective employer must demonstrate to Service Canada that it has made efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident for the position but had not been successful in finding a suitable Canadian candidate. The Canadian employer will often be required to advertise for the position offered to the foreign worker.
If Service Canada is satisfied that the prospective employer has made best efforts to hire a local worker, they will “Confirm” the offer of employment to the foreign worker and issue and LMO letter.

Step 2. Application for Canadian Work Visa

Once the LMO has been issued by Service Canada, the foreign worker will be invited to apply for a Canadian Work Visa or Canadian Work Permit at a Canadian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission outside of Canada. In some cases, the foreign worker will be required to attend at an interview with a visa officer. If the visa officer is satisfied that the foreign worker’s employment will not adversely effect employment in Canada for Canadians, and that the foreign worker qualifies for the position, then a Canada Work Permit will be issued.
Note : In some cases, applicants from certain countries will be required to undergo medical examinations.

Exemptions from Service Canada LMO Applications: Fast Track Processing for Canada Work Visas. Not Everyone requires an LMO to get a Canada Work Visa. There are certain occupations which do not require an LMO from Service Canada such as:
• Certain computer professionals who qualify under the Software Development Workers Pilot Project (SDWPP)
• Foreign Students holding a Canadian Study Permit
• Citizens of the United States whose occupations fall under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This category is for US Citizens and Mexican Citizens.
• Spouses of Highly Skilled Workers who qualify under the Spousal Pilot Project

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