Ensuring Long-Term Prosperity and Economic Growth: The 2015 Annual Immigration Plan in Canada

Chris Alexander the Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister has table the Government of Canada’s yearly/annual migration plan this year 2015 that the government is planning to welcome between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent occupants in this year 2015, which is about 19,000 more than the levels announced for last year. The plan offers the highest planned level of admissions in recent the past.

The immigration plan levels are regularly conveyed between: financial movement (economic immigration), which is proposed to address labour and skill deficiencies in the nation; encourage the reunification of families and safe place for refugees and others accepted under Canada’s helpful projects (humanitarian programs). This will help to support government economic growth and ensure long term prosperity.
The plan breakdown for 2015 is proposed to be: 64 percent for economic class immigration or 181,300, 24.4 percent for family class immigration or 68,000 and the remaining 10.7 percent for humanitarian or 29,800. The increment in levels is welcome by all.

The rise of admissions for 2015 likewise shows the governmentís dedication to lessening hold up times and keeping on making progress on the last one of the substantial economic immigration system backlogs and additionally helps with the launch of Canada’s new application administration system, Express Entry, on January 1, 2015. The 2015 levels plan permits confirmations space to process existing applications and additionally new applications that will be gotten for key economic projects/programs under Express Entry. The new system will empower Canada’s migration system to be more adaptable and receptive to the needs of employers, and in addition to changing economic (financial) conditions and needs.

Below are the facts you must know

The 2015 plan features the highest planned level of admissions in recent Canadian history
The levels plan reflects the targets/objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and balances needs by assigning admissions space to the economic, family and ensured persons/ humanitarian classes, and in addition to the programs comprises these classes
Record admissions are predictable for the Canadian Experience Class in 2015.
Consistently the Government of Canada, in counsel with the areas and regions, sets the aggregate number of permanent residents that are relied upon to be admitted to Canada the following year.

Chris Alexander the Canada Immigration Minister the increase levels in QUOTE below

“The Government of Canada is proud to table our immigration plan for 2015, which strengthens our government’s focus on long-term economic growth for all Canadians. Through the 2015 immigration plan we will welcome a record number of individuals who will contribute to our economy and labour market, while also ensuring that we reunite more families and continue to provide assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations. As we prepare to launch Express Entry in January 2015, this plan will help us attract skilled immigrants who are most likely to succeed.”