Job Search in Canada

Canada’s leading industries are looking for skilled immigrants like you to fill urgent skills gaps. This is the place to take the first step and start applying for your next big career opportunity in Canada. You can search for Canadian employers by industry to find a suitable job that matches your skills and qualifications using Canadian job sites like: Job Boom, Monster, Job Bank etc. or search for job vacancies using ICS’s job search services.

Finding work in Canada can be one of the fastest ways to begin your life in Canada.

Work in Canada Options
It all starts with a job offer from a Canadian employer.

  • With a full-time permanent job offer, you may qualify for Arranged Employment under the Federal Skilled Worker program or for a Skilled Worker category of one of the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP). Both of these options will entitle you to fast-track Canadian Immigration (Permanent Residency).
  • If you have an offer of temporary employment, you may be entitled to a Canada Temporary Work Permit. With a Work Permit, you could be in Canada in a matter of weeks to months. Many foreign skilled workers who come to Canada on Work Permits can eventually qualify for fast-track Canadian Immigration (Permanent Residency) through one of the Provincial Nomination Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, or Arranged Employment.

Support for foreign job seekers – overview

ICS’s Job Search Services offers personalized help and services that are better targeted to your needs and more access to training opportunities and work experience to help you find and keep a job.

ICS’s Job Search Services are organizations contracted by ICS to provide employment services for internationally trained workers and are located in more than 1000 towns, cities and rural sites around the country.

Having the right plan to find the right job

When we schedule an appointment with you, you will be introduced to some of the highly skilled staff who will get to know you and your individual needs, and will help you on your journey to employment. This team will work with you to develop your own personal Employment Pathway Plan (EPP). Your EPP will set out your personal employment goals and the services and training you need to help you find and keep a job.

Connecting you with Canadian employers

ICS’s Job Search Services is also working closely with employers to identify key employment opportunities and areas where skills are in demand. By building this close partnership, you can have greater confidence that the skills you develop will match the skills employers actually need. Having the right skills for the job you want will help you to make a quick, smooth transition into the workforce.
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Assessment and recognition of credentials for the purpose of employment in Canada

Along with the PROCESSING OF IMMIGRATION APPLICATIONS and JOB SEARCH SERVICES, we offer INTERNATIONAL CREDENTIAL EVALUATIONS to compare your studies done outside Canada to studies done in one of Canada’s education systems (comparative evaluation for studies). Comparative Evaluation for Studies is the major factor that determines your suitability for employment in Canada and your successful integration into the Canadian labor market.

How to become involved

If you are a foreign job seeker interested in receiving help from ICS’s Job Search Services in most instances you should submit our Initial Consultation Form to open a file with our company and to schedule your consultation with one of our advisers.