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Job Search Canada Program / COSAP 

Access The Hidden Job Market Of Canada – And A Wealth Of Immigration Advice

Every day, thousands of applications land on desks for jobs all the way across Canada. Many of them are instantly disregarded, and some may be just not what the employer is looking for. As a foreigner, trying to get a foot in the door of the Canadian labour market can be exceptionally difficult. You have the added complications of work visas, time delays, restrictions and other administrative hurdles. These make the task of finding a job stressful, and they can hinder your progress. There is nothing worse than seeing a job which you’re qualified for going to another person because you are caught in a tangled web of immigration issues.

This is where COSAP can help. COSAP (Canada Opportunities Search Assistance Program) has been developed by a team of immigration experts at ICS. The program is open to candidates who wish to work in Canada, and it provides a bridge between foreign workers and employers. When you sign up to COSAP you have access to a whole suite of services tailor made for you and designed to make your move to Canada as smooth as possible, and your job search fruitful. Our experts have a longstanding history of working with clients from countries across Europe and Asia and successfully placing them in roles in a wide range of industries across Canada. We will be with you on your journey – not leaving you until you’ve got your dream job in Canada.

Our qualified immigration consultants are members of the ICCRC  (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ) organization, and they are here to provide support and regular information on the laws which affect your visa and work application. Our job search Canada experts will do the leg work for you, seeking out job opportunities and matching you with the right job. We will also create a unique job application pack for you, ensuring that your candidature is strong and avoiding all of the common mistakes which can negatively affect your job applications.

When you subscribe to COSAP you’re no longer alone in your search for a work in Canada. You’ll have a team of experts guiding you through the process of visa and work applications. You will be able to confidently look forward to a rewarding working life in Canada. No more hours of reading through pages of legal information – our team will save you time and effort by ensuring you are kept up to date with all relevant information and that your applications are going to the right people at the right time.

Subscribe to COSAP today and we will provide you with

  • The latest information on Laws affecting your application;
  • An information sheet on advice on securing a job in Canada;
  • A full analysis of your qualifications;
  • A matchup with jobs which suit your credentials;
  • Connect you with hiring managers;

We will also generate your personal job application package which can be sent to recruiters in companies across Canada. This means we’ll help you avoid all of the common mistakes which are made by foreign applicants. When you sign up to the COSAP programme, you are putting yourself ahead of other overseas applicants and accessing local knowledge with local contacts.

There are huge benefits to getting a Job Offer in Canada

How To Subscribe

Subscribing to COPAS couldn’t be easier. Simply follow this link and fill in the quick form for your free assessment. One of our qualified immigration counsellors will be in touch very soon to talk to you about your own personal situation and how ICS can help you to realise your dreams of a job in Canada.

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