IT Workers Needed in Montreal

Need 100 IT workers in Montreal, Canada 1. Senior Java Developer 5+ years of experience building scalable and reliable distributed back-ends for web applications Stack: Java, Spring and Hiberbate frameworks, Apache HBase/Elasticsearch, SQL/NoSQL, RESTful APIs 2. DevOps Engineer 5+ years of experience in a DevOps engineering role Stack: Python/Golang/ Other modern scripting, Ansible or Salkstack, [...]

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Quebec Experience Program: New reform and new rules

A few days ago, during a press conference in the National Assembly of Quebec, the Minister of Immigration of Quebec, Mr. Jolin-Barrette, among other things, unveiled the theme of reform in the immigration program “Québec experience program” (or PEQ in French). The attempt to modify this program in the fall of 2019 caused a flurry [...]

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Canada accelerates the processing of temporary foreign workers’ applications.

The new rules will allow temporary foreign workers to start working 10 days after applying for a new job. The new government policy allows temporary foreign workers who already have a job offer in Canada to start working while processing their application. The government says it will drastically reduce the time it takes for a [...]

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Job Description:  Wash windows, walls and ceilings. Vacuum carpeting, area rugs, draperies and upholstered furniture. Stock linen closet. Pick up debris and empty trash containers. Handle and report lost and found items. Dust furniture. Distribute clean towels and toiletries. Attend to guests' requests for extra supplies or other items. Make beds and change sheets. Clean [...]

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Production Sewing – Industrial Seamstress (Garment Production Sewer)

Job Description:  Operate industrial sewing machines (serger, single needle) Create (assemble) garments following samples and technical package Ensure quality construction with minimal errors and make repairs when necessary Meet daily and weekly productivity goals (according to need and demand) Observe machine operation to identify and correct faulty stitches, or notify supervisor for needed changes Maintain [...]

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Work after studying in Canada: what you need to know?

Work after studying is a great way to immigrate! After completing their studies in Canada, international students can apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). Canada grants such a work permit (PGWP) for duration of up to three years for your program. Recently, the Ministry of Immigration has been providing [...]

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Canada opens the doors for international students!

Canada has published details of a new international educational strategy. The federal government is opening wide doors for international students! The main goal of the new five-year strategy worth $ 148 million is to increase the diversity of countries of origin of foreign students. Canada will focus on countries with a growing middle class, where [...]

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Why you should hire broker if you want to sale your business in Canada?

We generally think to begin doing a business at a certain time yet we are not continually having a right chance to get a deal. Buying a business that is for sale is not a simple undertaking in light of the fact that there are individuals in the business sector who appears to have tired [...]

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How To Immigrate To Canada: 10 Options in 2019

Immigration to Canada is a complicated process, but quite feasible. How to immigrate to Canada in 2019? Probably one of the most frequently asked questions. This article will provide you the answer to this question in as much detail as possible, and will describe the main programs for immigration to Canada and other options you [...]

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The Most in Demand Jobs in Canada 2019

One of the ways to move to Canada is to immigrate through the Express Entry Canada program. This is a program of economic immigration through which the Government of Canada attracts talented specialists from abroad. So Canada is struggling with labor shortages and developing a national economy. It is important to potential immigrants to understand [...]

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