The Most Popular Professions in Canada in 2018

Everything is OK with unemployment in Canada in the sense that its level is now the lowest in the last 40 years and it is expected to be even lower. It means that it won’t be easy to find a job. But don’t despair: in the first place, job opportunities in different sectors nevertheless appear, [...]

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Canada will bring in 300,000 immigrants in 2017

The Liberals are proposing an immigration plan they say will help Canadian businesses attract international talent. The program, outlined in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s fall economic update, sets a two-week standard to process visas and work permits for international workers hoping to coming to Canada. “Our Global Skills Strategy will further support Canadian companies [...]

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Job Search in Canada

Canada is a country that has something for everyone. It is one of the most preferred destinations for job seekers from all over the globe. The reason is the fast growing economy. Every person who wants a perfect professional life wants to move to this country but then there are various factors that one [...]

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Immigration Canada fast applicatioin process for a visa to Canada

  Consult Immigration Attorney Have an immigration issue? Unclear about your options? ICS unique Consult Attorney! service lets you send questions online to a ICS immigration attorney. OR You may go online to schedule a personal telephone consultation with a ICS immigration attorney. On Line Consultation Get a detailed, written opinion online in less than [...]

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Temporary Work Permits in Canada

IMPORTANT: Canada NAFTA Work Visas 3 Years December 16, 2008.   Do you plan to work in Canada? Do you have a Job Offer in Canada? Or are you an intercompany transfer applicant being transferred to your company’s Canadian office? Do you want to establish a new business in Canada?   A Canada Work [...]

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Sourcing International Candidates

GCHR SOLUTIONS’ dedication to providing Alberta’s and Saskatchewan's employers with a solid pool of available talent has driven us to expand our service line to include international staffing. Acting as a liaison between both candidate and company, GCHR SOLUTIONS will identify and assist the candidate possessing the right technical skills, experience and communication level to [...]

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About our recruitment division

GCHR Solutions We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a full service Immigration Consultancy providing professional consultation and representation services for the full range of Immigration categories. Our Recruitment division GCHR Solutions has proven expertise in sourcing exceptional foreign workers for Canadian businesses. As we cover both Recruitment and Immigration, we are in a unique [...]

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As part of our commitment to assisting clients with settlement issues after they land in the country, we have available fully furnished three bed roomed apartments in Montreal and Toronto available on a six weekly basis. Because it takes most client's furniture six weeks or so to get to Canada by ship they need somewhere [...]

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Detention Reviews and Appeals

In certain circumstances, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is given the legal authority to detain a permanent resident or a foreign national; for example, if the immigration officer is not satisfied with the identity of the person concerned, he or she may choose to detain a person in an immigration facility designed particularly for [...]

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Refugee Claims

The Canadian refugee system is one of the most advanced and claimant-friendly refugee systems in the world. The Canadian refugee system is designed to protect persons whose lives are in danger or who face persecution, torture, cruel or unusual treatment or punishment in their home country or the country of deportation. When a person fears [...]

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