Canada is a country that has something for everyone. It is one of the most preferred destinations for job seekers from all over the globe. The reason is the fast growing economy. Every person who wants a perfect professional life wants to move to this country but then there are various factors that one needs to keep in mind. This sometimes leads to confusion and hence it is recommended to choose a search assistance program for right direction and COSAP (Canada Opportunities Search Assistance Program) is one of them. This allows one to find best possible opportunities.

Step#1: Job Offer

When a person opts for the program, the first thing that he must decide is the type of job offer he wants to apply for. There are two types of job offers: permanent and temporary one. This is beneficial since the company that provides search assistance will search for jobs accordingly. Those who do not want Canadian citizenship can apply for temporary work permit in Canada.

Step#2: Searching Jobs Becomes Easy As Never Before

By opting for the assistance program, one does not need to put in efforts searching for jobs. He just needs to convey the objectives and the province he wants to settle in. All the work is done by the company. They will search for employers in given province. It usually a quick job since they already have the latest statistics, data and recruitment partners in every province/territory of Canada. The company has up-to date data of all companies across Canada which have vacancies.

It is necessary to decide the province since the Canadian government allots the nomination of immigrants to the provinces. The assistance program also helps the individual in choosing the province on basis of trends. This increases probability that the person will be hired.

Step#3: The Eligibility Criteria

Since to Work in Canada one needs a visa, the company also helps in completing all the formalities of immigration application. There are experts who guide the person at each step to eliminate any error. This is very useful since one does not need to search for information or move to various offices. Every process becomes simple and easy with assistance program.

Step#4: Job Seeker and Employer on Same Platform

Everyone has different skill set and expertise and hence the company finds jobs in accordance to it. The experts study the resume of the person and then shortlist potential employers who offer right jobs. They even provide a brief about the employers so that the individual can choose the best opportunities as per his objectives. The employers and job seekers are bought on same platform where they can interact and take the right decision.

Once there is mutual agreement between the employer and the person, the employer sends a work invitation. This has to be submitted with the other documents when applying for immigration. The assistance provided by experts at every step leads to a great experience. They put in best efforts and act as partners in the search process, guiding at every point so that the person gets his dream job.

Thus, a job search in Canada assistance program surely helps job seekers to get best opportunities and move to a new exciting place for better future.


About JOB APPLICATION PROCESS within the COSAP program