Bucolic Prince Edward Island offers a unique educational experience in both French and English.  As befits Canada’s smallest province, there are only three school boards, two English Language and one French Language, and only one university.

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General Education Facts

  • Education in Prince Edward Island runs from Kindergarten (Year 0) to Grade 12.
  • Individual municipalities are responsible for operating schools within their jurisdictions through local school boards.
  • The provincial education ministry, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, is responsible for provincial curriculum development and management, as well as teacher certification.
  • All schools in Prince Edward Island must follow the same basic curriculum, regardless of religious, political affiliation or language of instruction, though many schools offer exciting courses and opportunities beyond the core requirements.

Post Secondary Education Facts

In Canada, there are basically four types of post-secondary educational institution:

  1. Universities, which are empowered to grant all levels of post-secondary degree
  2. University Colleges, which are empowered to grant four-year and two year degrees, as well as technical degrees
  3. Colleges, which are empowered to grant two-year and vocational degrees
  4. Private schools that offer specific religious, vocational, technical or language training.

In Canada, post-secondary education is the responsibility of the provincial and territorial governments, and the provinces administer all funds provided by the Government of Canada for the express purpose of college and university administration.

In Prince Edward Island, the ministry responsible for managing higher education is the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The federal government, however, still offers a variety of funding options to individuals and universities for research, student financial aid, and for various scholarships.

Prince Edward Island Opportunities for Higher Learning

The University of Prince Edward Island, in lovely Charlottetown, is the successor institution to two much older liberal arts colleges.  Known for its excellent history and economics programs, the leafy campus appeals to those considering a traditional British-style education.

Holland College is a vocational and technical school with special focus on marine navigation, aerospace and aviation, and tourism training.

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