Establishing a subsidiary of a foreign company in Canada

Your business is your baby. After years of nurturing your company and working tirelessly to generate a successful strategy, you’ve seen your hard work pay off and you’re looking towards the future with an expanded business. When you start looking into how to establish your company in Canada, it might seem like the procedures are long and arduous. Naturally you want to make sure that when you establish a subsidiary of your company, the transition is smooth and carried out with the utmost care and concern. At ICS we know that the first priority of business owners who are setting up their business in Canada is that the process is straightforward, efficient and that there are no hidden complications. That’s why we’ve developed a two-step process which guides us as we help our clients navigate the legal and administrative processes which allow for your company to operate within Canadian borders.

One of the first hurdles which many of our clients face is adapting their business plan to include a successful integration strategy. This means ensuring that your company’s business plan takes into account change management, cultural differences, legal requirements, administrative costs involved and a whole array of issues which arise during the process of establishing a subsidiary of your foreign company. We work together with a third party business strategy consulting firm to assist our clients in putting together a business plan.

Following the rigorous business plan generation process, we guide our clients through the process of ensuring visas and paperwork are in order to run the business. Navigating the administrative side of establishing a subsidiary is complicated. It is a costly and time consuming process, and when you’re establishing a subsidiary of your foreign company you need to make sure you get it right. We can help you with the paperwork needed for business owners, business operators and employees. If you need to hire local workers we are on hand to provide guidance with Canadian best practice and HR advice as well as tailor made directions on how to make the transition. Many of our clients comment to us about the surprisingly large amount of paperwork that they have to deal with when they go through immigration. Every single one of our clients finds this complicated process is much more straightforward when they are going through step by step with ICS.




What makes us different?

At ICS we are proud to deliver immigration services to clients from around the world who are seeking to establish a subsidiary of a foreign company in Canada. We’re even more proud of what makes us stand out from our competitors:

We only work with the best – At ICS, we have brought together a dedicated team of highly qualified and motivated individuals, with specialist immigration knowledge, who work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. Our Toronto-based business strategy consulting firm is one of Canada’s leading advisors to small and medium sized enterprises.

We Produce Tailor Made Solutions – Through a rigorous research process, and with years of experience, we get under the skin of our clients’ businesses. We understand what keeps your world turning and we’ll take the time to create a personalized plan to make sure that the process of establishing a subsidiary of your business in Canada is as smooth as possible.

We care – We get to know our clients and we constantly strive to deliver customer-driven solutions. We’re accessible, knowledgeable and dependable – and we know that’s what matters to our clients.

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