Facilitate your Application Process

Provide professional advice on the immigration law and regulations of Canada;

We provide professional assistance in handling all types of immigration applications and represent our clients’ interests before Citizenship and Immigration Canada – CIC, Canada Border Services Agency – CBSA, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada – IRB and Provincial Immigration Offices working with inland as well as overseas processing.

Assess your qualifications and determine your Canadian immigration category;

Some individuals qualify for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under more than one Canadian immigration category. If this applies to you, we will explain the pros and cons of each category under consideration and recommend the category best suited to your personal goals.

Review and identify all required documents and supporting evidence for submission of the file;

For immigration cases, timely submission of supporting documents is very, very crucial.

Prepare, perfect and submit your application;

A properly prepared application will always move through the process faster and more efficiently. Often this will result in the avoidance of a personal interview with a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer. We take pride in submitting complete and professional applications that include all of the information and documentation needed to satisfy the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer of your qualifications for the Canada Immigration Visa you desire.

Prepare an immigration recommendation letter;

Immigration typically is a drawn out process requiring multiple interviews, background checks and employment confirmation. Immigration recommendation letters are a required part of the Canada’s visa application. Unlike a character reference, a recommendation letter does not just speak to a person’s good character. The focus is on the person’s employment record and his qualifications because, the Canadian immigration authorities want to ensure that new immigrants can support themselves.

Prepare you for your personal interview;

We will assist you and prepare you to pass the interview by the Canadian embassy in order for you to get your visa and we will follow up your file until you obtain your permanent residence status in Canada.

Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office;

We will make representations and have full contact with the Canadian government regarding your application, including the department of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada or abroad and Quebec immigration in Montreal or abroad. Our law office will serve as your mailing address for Canadian immigration purposes. We will let you know when any communication is received, and we will respond on your behalf, to all requests and demands from Canadian immigration authorities.

Track your application through to Canada Immigration Visa issuance;

Canadian Immigration Visa Offices are required to meet service standards, which can vary during the course of your application process. Our proprietary “track-it” system alerts us if ever the Canadian Immigration Visa Office is not meeting its service standards with respect to the processing of your application. We will send immediate notification so that your application is put back on track. This avoids unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.

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