Automotive service technicians perform preventative maintenance, diagnose faulty operations, and repair automotive vehicles and light trucks. Automotive service technicians adjust, test and repair engines, steering systems, braking systems, drive trains, vehicle suspensions, electrical systems and air-conditioning systems, and do wheel alignments. In large shops, they sometimes specialize in repairing, rebuilding and servicing specific parts (e.g., transmissions, engines, electrical components, etc.). In smaller shops, automotive service technicians may work on a wider variety of repair jobs. Automotive service technicians begin by reading the work order and examining the vehicle. To locate the cause of faulty operation and repair it, they use testing equipment, take the vehicle for a test drive, and/or refer to manufacturers specifications and manuals, dismantle faulty assemblies, repair or replace worn or damaged parts; and Reassemble, adjust and test the repaired mechanism. Automotive service technicians also may perform scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrication’s and tune ups and advice customers on work performed, general vehicle conditions and future repair requirements. Experience: Have at least 9,000 hours and 72 months of hands-on work experience as an automotive service Technic.