We have pre-approved LMO’s for experienced Interior System Mechanics position. The applicant should have journeyman or 4 years apprenticeship, or a minimum 4 years work experience in construction; commercial, industrial and residential projects. Applicants will also be assessed based on knowledge derived from interview and testing of experience qualifications to meet our organizational standards. Wage rate is $25.00 per hour, 40 hours per week. Increase of wage commensurate with experience. This is full-time position.

Job Title: Interior Systems Mechanic
Responsibilities and Tasks:
– Read blue-print and finished schematics and implement accordingly.
– Precisely measure cut and fit drywall sheets for installation on walls and ceilings.
– Position and secure sheets to metal or wooden studs on joists.
– Cut and install metal corner heads to protect exterior corners.
– Fill joints, nail indentations, holes, cracks; tape over joints, smooth out excess compound.
– Attach metal or gypsum lath to studs or furring using nails or screws.
– Mould and install ornamental plaster panels, cornices and trim.
– Skills in pre-cast installation, demountable partition systems.
– Safely use plastering tools and equipment.
– Clean and prepare surfaces.
– Mix plaster ingredients in trough to desired consistency.
– Apply, level and smooth coats of plaster using trowels, floats, brushes and spraying equipment.
– Trowel or spray coats of stucco over exteriors of buildings to form weatherproof surfaces.
– Work at heights using ladders, scaffolding and scissor lift.
– Work safely at all time while maintaining productivity.
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