1. Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time

2. Education: Minimum of secondary school

3. Experience required: At least 3 years of experience in similar positions.

4. English skills: Moderate level of English required.

5. The average wage: around $20 CAD/hour for Siding Installers with the work schedule of 40 hours per week.

6. These positions are available in Alberta

7. Other details: None

Job Description:

1) Applies asbestos, aluminum, pulpwood fiber, plastic panels, brick veneer, or porcelainized metal siding to building exteriors to provide decorative or insulating surfaces: Attaches tar paper, building paper, or other material to building surface, using nails or adhesive cement to provide insulating base.

2) Fastens wood or metal laths to surface, using screws or nails.

3) Fits and fastens siding material to laths, using rule, measuring tape, hand tools, power tools, nails, screws, or bolts.

4) Cuts and trims material to shape when fitting siding around windows or corners, using knife, shears, or portable power saw.

5) Waterproofs surface by filling joints or cracks with caulking compound, using putty knife, trowel, or caulking gun.

6) May apply precut siding or may cut material to size and shape at work site.

7) May attach siding to surface of building, using adhesive cement.

8) May attach siding by interlocking pieces through tabs provided at edges, following sequence indicated by numbers printed on reverse of each piece.

9) May specialize in type of siding applied and be designated Aluminum-Siding Installer; Asbestos-Siding Installer; Concrete-Panel Installer; Ornamental-Brick Installer; Plastic-Panel Installer; Porcelain-Enamel Installer.

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