There is a myth that finding a job in Canada is almost impossible. In reality, it all depends on how you present yourself to the employer. That’s why, properly drawn up CV is very important.


We strongly recommend that you read our article “CV for the Canadian labor market”, where we explained in details each paragraph of the CV for the Canadian employer. Your CV, ideally, should not consist of more than 1 page. On this page you should try to fit brief information about yourself, your work experience, achievements, education, as well as volunteer work (if any). In general, the ideal CV for Canadian recruitment agencies looks something like this:

Please note that for each working position it is recommended to “edit” your CV, i.e. to make it the most suitable for the position to which you apply.

CV sample

Where to look for a job?

The most popular and, perhaps, the most effective place in our time to look for a job is the Internet.

In Canada, there are many websites where many positions are posted on a daily basis. Here are the most popular of them:

Craigslist, Kijiji, Indeed, MonsteR, Job Bank, Workopolis, Work BC, LinkedIn, Saskjobs, Emploi Quebec, AllStarjobs, Workdirectory and many others.

Once again, we remind you that it is highly recommended for each working position to edit your CV in such a way that it matches the position requirements as closely as possible.

Job offerings are also available in newspapers. For example, in Vancouver, you can find various job offerings in newspapers like Vancouver Sun and many other local free newspapers.


Many of us have heard this work, but many don’t fully understand what it is. Networking is a social and professional activity aimed at using the circle of friends and acquaintances to solve the most difficult life problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, and these problems can include a job search.

For networking in Canada, the ideal social networking website is LinkedIn, through which you can create a professional circle of friends. LinkedIn is a social network with your online CV for searching and establishing business contacts. You can add recruitment agents as much as you can, subscribe to certain companies, publish your business articles, all these factors ca contribute to the fact that some employer can notice you, or someone from a circle of friends can recommend you to someone. Therefore, if you correctly conduct your profile, then sooner or later you may catch a good job position.

Employment agencies

This option is more suitable for students who are looking for a low-skilled job, and don’t want to bother with searching and spending time. Such agencies will do everything for you. All you need is to post your CV (which they will help to edit competently or even to create a new one from scratch) and wait for the call. These agencies cooperate with a variety of employers and will find a job for you in the shortest possible time. A big plus of such services is that you don’t spend neither time nor money in finding a job, agencies provide this king of services “for free” (most likely the commission for you will be paid by the employer or part of your salary will go to the agency’s account).