• Aerospace:

Canada’s global share of aerospace activity has tripled in the last 20 years, making Canada the world’s 5th largest aerospace producer.

Aerospace Clusters

  • Ag-biotech:

Canadian firms’ revenues exceed those of US agro-based companies and are more than double those of Japan and the UK.

Ag-biotech Clusters

  • Agri-food:

Canada is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of agricultural products.

Agri-food Clusters

  • Automotive:

Canada is among the Top 10 automotive countries and the 3rd largest exporter of automotive products after Japan and the U.S.

Automotive Clusters

  • Bio-Products:

Cutting-edge Canadian firms are converting energy crops and other agricultural residues into bio-fibres, bio-fuels and bio-industrial oils – environmentally beneficial alternatives to conventional products that are as healthy for the pocket book as they are for the planet.

  • Biotechnology:

Canada is a leader in biotechnology—one of the top five countries in the world.

Biotechnology Clusters

  • Business Services:

Canada’s business services sector is a critical node in today’s multinational, multi-value chain model, generating over $57 billion in 2007 and employing 1.1 million

  • Chemicals:

Nine of the top 10 chemical companies in the world have production facilities in Canada .

Chemicals Clusters

  • Digital Media – Games:

Canadian companies are global leaders across the entire gaming value chain – from tools development to casual games and serious games, to both mobile games and game ware development.

Multimedia Clusters

  • Financial Services:

Canada’s banks are ranked #1 globally by the World Economic Forum.

  • Life Sciences:

Canada’s life sciences innovators are at the very forefront of discovery.

  • Bio-Pharma:

Canada leads the G8 in growth of health research patents, and ranks fourth internationally.

  • Contract Services:

Canada has the highest rate of increase in the G7 in life sciences R&D workers, external patent applications and business expenditures on R&D, and the lowest life sciences labour costs.

  • Medical Devices:

Canada is a global leader in digital radiography, in vitro diagnostics, cardiovascular devices, dental implants and materials, and home health-care products.

  • Pharmaceuticals:

Canada is the fourth fastest growing market in the world for pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceuticals Clusters

  • Plastics:

Canada is the world’s fourth largest exporter of moulds and eighth largest exporter of plastics processing machinery.

Plastics Clusters

  • Renewable Energy:

With 430 companies, a rapidly growing workforce, and quality wind resources, Canada’s Wind energy sector is the fastest growing renewable energy source in Canada

  • Software:

Canada encourages growth through rich R&D tax credits and the lowest operating costs in the G7.

Software Clusters

  • Wireless:

A high-talent, low-cost labour force, R&D advantages, smart regulations and centres of research excellence makes Canada a rewarding location for enterprising investors.

Wireless Clusters

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