Consult a Canadian Immigration Attorney Online

Have an immigration issue? Unclear about your options? – Consult a Canadian Immigration Attorney on Skype

ICS unique Consult Attorney! service lets you ask questions online to a ICS immigration attorney.

Your consultation will last as long as needed to fully address your questions and concerns and lay out various treatment options. This may be as little as five minutes or perhaps 30 minutes or more. At the conclusion of your first consultation with us, you will have a personalized treatment plan and a clear understanding of our recommended procedure(s) and how much each will cost.

Consultation Outline includes:

  • Evaluation of diplomas and work experience for the purpose of employment in Canada;
  • Determination of eligibility for Immigration to Canada;
  • Job Search Services in Canada (COSAP);
  • Processing times;
  • Federal and Provincial Immigration Programs (e.g. immigration to Toronto, Quebec etc.);
  • Permanent and Temporary Workers;
  • Regulated and Non-regulated trades and professions in Canada;
  • Health Occupations Immigration;
  • Business Immigration;
  • Immigration delays and refusals;
  • Student Visas;
  • Family reunification in Canada;
  • Canadian Citizenship