Everything is OK with unemployment in Canada in the sense that its level is now the lowest in the last 40 years and it is expected to be even lower. It means that it won’t be easy to find a job. But don’t despair: in the first place, job opportunities in different sectors nevertheless appear, and in the second place, there are a number of specialties for which it is much easier to find a job.

Randstad, the world leader in the HR services industry, has made top-10 of the most demanded specialties in Canada.

The most popular professions in Canada in 2018 and the salaries paid for them:

  • General laborer

Under this term you can find any employment that doesn’t require special training and mastery of complex mechanisms. Duties can be different.

For example, somewhere a packer of finished products, somewhere a loader may be needed. As the matter stands, the most job opportunities are associated with large companies. The salary in this segment is usually paid on an hourly basis and ranges between $ 15.90 and $ 18.39.

Of course, companies are striving to automate production, but in Canada the automation has not yet advanced very far. However, bearing in mind this tendency, job seekers should better obtain the qualification in more complex labor professions, such as welder, machinist, etc.

  • Sales Representative

This is the second most demanded job, which is not surprising. When the economy and production are on the rise, we need people who sell manufactured goods. These job opportunities, as a rule, presuppose a long-term full-time job with salary from $ 52 000 to $ 62 000 a year for junior positions.

  • Accountant

Any business cannot be done without accounting. In addition, the demand for accountants has grown in connection with the innovations in the financial sector. The salary of the most demanded accountants of the average level ranges between $ 63 000 and $ 75 000 a year.

  • Engineering Project Manager

A good job for those having engineering training and knowing how to manage people. The need for such specialists is high, as the federal government is intensively developing the infrastructure and housing sector. The salary ranges between $ 74 000 and $ 92 000 a year.

  • Business Analyst

These specialists, especially if they are technically savvy, play an important role in the companies. They ensure the implementation and maximum effective use of modern software, which the company adopts. As more and more enterprises are forced to constantly update technology, it is easy to understand why business analysts with experience in the information sphere are in demand on the labor market. The salary ranges between $ 73 000 and $ 87 000 a year.

  • Customer Service Representative

Sales companies must be in touch with their customers to help them with the choice or ordering. When considering applications of candidates, the advantage is an experience of similar work and/or a mastering of appropriate software. Most jobs are nine-to-five but some jobs might require evening shifts. This job often does not require a university degree. The salary ranges between $ 37 000 and $ 43 000 a year.

  • IT Project Manager

This is a job for geeks who also have the communication skills. We are talking about the leader in the team of developers of complex information projects. This job is well paid (from $ 92 000 to $ 114 000 a year) and has a great potential for career growth of technical specialists.

  • Account Manager

It’s a kind of senior level sales representative. The salary ranges between $ 75 000 to $ 92 000 a year. In order to be accepted for such a position, unlike a simple sales representative, a degree or a diploma for the relevant education is usually a must.

  • Software Engineer

As digital technology surrounds us today everywhere, programmers are among the first ranks among the most demanded professionals. They are needed not only in technology companies, but also in almost every industry – from banks to the public sector. The applicant must have a technical diploma or degree. The salary ranges between $ 83 000 to $ 99 000 a year.

  • Forklift Operators

There are a lot of job ads looking for people who are able to drive a forklift. This is due to the growth of the Internet trade sector, forcing companies to use the services of large warehouses to store their good before sending them to the buyer. Forklifts are necessary for moving foods in these warehouses. Usually this is a job with hourly pay (from $ 16.59 to $ 19.42). The number of these job opportunities is gradually becoming smaller due to the introduction of automation, but they are still in the top.