new_immigrationCanada is a country founded by immigrants.Immigration has always been pivotal to Canada’s economic success. In fact, Canada has the highest per capita rate of immigration in the world. Two million immigrants were welcomed into Canada in the last decade alone and the bright stream of people from around the world who have chosen to make a better life for themselves and their families in Canada is one of our country’s greatest assets.

An open and tolerant society, Canada has been called the least racist country in the world. Individuals born in other countries have risen to the top in every sector of Canadian society—from business to politics, to the arts.

Our rich ethnic diversity is a source of pride. Where the United States views itself as a melting-pot of world cultures, Canada considers itself a mosaic. Far from having to abandon all the cherished ways of their homeland, immigrants are encouraged to bring the best of their cultural traditions with them and share them with their fellow citizens.

“I think we are incredibly lucky here.

We have this high standard of life,

no big security problems, and I like

Canadian society. I like this true

openness to cultures and religions,

which I think is basic to us; you don’t

fi nd it in other countries…”

Sonja Bata

Businesswoman and Founder

of the Bata Shoe Museum