new_immigrationPrince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program expedites immigration to Canada for individuals and their families who meet provincial criteria in support of the following initiatives:

  • Increased business and economic development
  • Increased supply of skilled workers
  • Increased population
  • Achievement of provincial demographic, social and cultural objectives

At this time, there are four categories under the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program such as:

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Immigrant Connections Category
  • Immigrant Entrepreneur Category
  • Immigrant Partner Category

Skilled Worker

Prince Edward Island provides employment opportunities for an increasing number of skilled individuals. In particular, there are currently openings for workers in aerospace, information technologies and bioscience, among others. The Government of Prince Edward Island provides the skills shortage list, as an information tool for prospective immigrants to assess the likelihood of their securing paid employment in a particular occupation.

The following occupations have been identified as skill shortages on Prince Edward Island. Your opportunities for employment are increased If your skills are in one of these areas, or (depending on the occupation) you are prepared to train for one of these positions.

Occupations In Demand In Prince Edward Island

To be eligible to apply under this category, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Score about 50 points on a self-assessment form
  • Have education and training consistent with the position offered
  • Have a bona fide offer of employment from a local employer
  • Have a moderate command of English and/or French language
  • Show the intention to settle in Prince Edward Island

Immigrant Connections Category

Immigrants who have established themselves in Prince Edward Island can recommend their “connections” and tell the Government of Prince Edward Island who they would like to see nominated by the province for permanent residency.

Eligible Family Connections are:
  • Daughter or Son
  • Brother or Sister
  • Niece or Nephew
  • Aunt or Uncle
  • Grandchild
  • First cousin or
  • Step relative or in-law of the same level

To be qualified to nominate a connection, Prince Edward Island requires that the sponsor holds Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence and who has resided in Prince Edward Island for more than two years and that the resident has stable income and is able to provide all necessities to his/her family.

A potential Nominee Connection must meet the following criteria:
  • Must prove they are among the eligible family members and can prove the relationship to the sponsor
  • The individual must have an offer of employment or, in the view of the Province, have a clearly identified capacity to work in Prince Edward Island.
  • The intent to live on Prince Edward Island
  • The individual and dependent family is in good health.
  • The individual and dependent family does not have a criminal record.

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