Canada is ranked 22 among 190 countries by World Bank when it comes to ease of doing business. Surely, Canada is a land of glorious business opportunities and as an Immigrant, you will definitely find your call’ in this Northern American Country. Before heading further into the article follow to get a clear picture on initiating business in Canada as a new immigrant.

A lot depends on an individual’s skill set, money, location and community he lives in to make his/her business a success. However, in general sense with average money and skill set, you can look forward to trying one of these businesses to make a living in Canada. Of course, with time you will thrive and who knows you going to be the next hero for immigrants in Canada ‘someday’.

10 Profitable Small Business You Can Start in Canada

The below-mentioned businesses are ranked not in priority but to accommodate every immigrant’s profile. Take a look and make a decision.


The Canadian community is very open and do not mind experimenting with food. Here, there are many success stories of immigrants who are of Asian, African or Chinese descent who have become successful entrepreneurs through running fast food corners and community-specific restaurants. For instance, An Indian immigrant can try ‘PAROTHA CORNER’ (mashed potatoes filled in Bread like Chapattis). Similarly, Thai, Japanese and Chinese restaurants are equally popular in the region.

Start Fast Food Business in Canada

The good thing about these fast food corners is that on one hand, they serve well the needs of people of your country’s origin. On the other hand, they carve a special niche among people who want to identify with your culture.


Tutoring will always be in demand and will definitely give you a great start in this new land. And cost involved? It is almost negligible. You know that!

Start Teaching Business in Canada

Therefore, if you are good in language or anything in which you are master or have knowledge of it, then go for it. You will find people who want to learn English or understand Mathematics. You can be of great help for them and of course, there is no dearth of money in this sector.

One thing we would like to clarify here is that being a tutor does not mean teaching someone only academic skills. You can be a music teacher or a dance trainer or anything in which you feel it is your domain.

Similarly, you can make use of technology to spread your reach.


Do you love pets? Do you easily gel with them, especially dogs? If yes, then you can look forward to transforming this passion into a business. Canadians love pets and every second household owns a dog or cat. You can start dog training business or provide evening walks for dogs whose pet parents find little time in grooming their pets.

Start Pet Caring Business in Canada

The pet care industry is thriving and the recent trends suggest that it is going to be a great money spinner for everyone who is associated with it. However, the bottom line remains that you should be a pet lover to engage with pets in any form. At the same time, you must be patient while dealing with animals.


There is a fine coffee culture in Canada. As a matter of fact, Canada is the 10th biggest coffee drinker among all world nations. People love coffee here and no matter what the state of the economy is people will go out and search for the nearest coffee shop.

Start Coffee Shop in Canada

To make your shop somewhat different from your competitors, don’t just limit your shop to just a destination of coffee drinking. Make it more engaging for your customers by making it a place beyond coffee drinking.

And yes, the cost involved in setting this kind of business is not too high. At the same time, this is something which you can easily learn to make a living.


Yoga is getting very popular these days. Not to mention, it is a billion dollar industry. You can open yoga classes if you know how to perform various asanas or having a certificate in yoga training.

Yoga Instructor Business


A hair cutting shop is never going to be out of fashion or face a threat from the economic slowdown. It can become a good source of money for you if you have experience in hair cutting.

Start Salon Business in Canada

At the same time, people are looking for stylish hair cutters. So add few and unique hair cutting techniques in your arsenal and you will definitely find customers queuing up to your hair salon.


Online Blogging is a quite a rage these days. If you think you can write well then the world is yours’. All you need is one personal computer and an internet connection.

Start Online Blogging Business

You can work as a freelancer or work for a company from home. There are various companies who are looking for English content for their websites. So, take advantage if you possess English writing skills.


This business requires no expertise or experience but diligence and patience on part of you. You can form a group of four- three individuals from your community and start a business of cleaning residential or commercial places depending on your client’s needs.

Start Cleaning Business in Canada

It may tire you initially but people are minting money out of this business. The choice is yours.


Again this requires special skill and knowledge of automobiles. However, another option before you is to open a bicycle repair shop.

Automobile Repair Shop in Canada

It may sound little uncool as it will not turn you into a millionaire but in the short run, it can be a good deal.


This is turning into a very profitable business. People want assistance from event management companies to make their weddings, birthday parties or other family functions a success.

Start Event Management Business in Canada

You can enter into this industry if you have strong persuasive skills and organizational ability.


Everyone is blessed with some skill or unique quotient. The individual may or may not be aware of this very thing. The above business ideas are just a hint to make you aware of the wide range of opportunities available in the Canadian Land. However, our word of advice to you is to keep searching your soul, come to the conclusion that best fits your profile and make a decision.

Make sure that your business is known to your targeted audience. Take the help of posters, technology, your community friends, and etc. The bottom line here is that advertising does make a difference be it any form of it. The word of mouth also plays a very important role. So whatever you do take all these things into considerations.

Our team of Immigration Canada Services wishes you a bit of very good luck in whatever endeavor you choose for yourself.