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Nafta Work Permit In Canada


The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is a supreme-level trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is designed to boost trade within these countries.
People of these regions must be able to engage with other nations to sell products, offer services, and conduct business to facilitate trade. The NAFTA agreement streamlined the overall business process for American and Mexican entrepreneurs and specific categories of employees to enter Canada temporarily.
The temporary entry into Canada regulations is still governed by NAFTA, which extends the existing rules that offer benefits to American and Mexican nationals. It’s worth noting that NAFTA’s provisions only apply to temporary entry into Canada.

To qualify, individuals must be citizens of either America or Mexico and have a job offer from a registered Canadian employer in one of the 63 recognized occupations under NAFTA. To apply, applicants must obtain a Canadian Temporary Work Permit (T.N. Visa) that includes the job offer mentioned above.

Here’s a quick and easy way for Americans and Mexicans to join the Canadian workforce.

NAFTA Work Permit Requirements:

To be eligible for a NAFTA work permit, the employee must meet the following requirements:

 The employee must hold citizenship in either the United States or Mexico.

They must carry a valid passport.

The employer must offer the employee a job in one of the 60 NAFTA occupations.

The job offer must come from a registered Canadian employer

The employee must have the relevant qualifications for the occupation specified in the NAFTA agreement.

NAFTA Work Permit Process & Cost:

The NAFTA Work Permit Process comprises a two-step authentication that temporarily allows U.S. and Mexican citizens to work in Canada. 

The initial step is for the employer to submit an offer of employment to the Canadian government. 

To proceed, the employee must apply for a work permit in the second step.
Employer's Offer of Employment: -
The employer must submit the employment offer to the Canadian government via the IRCC’s online portal. The employment offer must include the following information:

 Name and contact information of the employer

 Name and contact information of the employee

Job title and duties

Salary and other benefits

Start and end dates of the employment

Employee's Work Permit Application: -
The employee must apply through the online portal IRCC provides to obtain a work permit. The application must include the following information:

Employee’s passport information

Employee’s educational credentials

 Employee’s work experience

Employment offer letter from the employer

The NAFTA work permit cost is CAD$155, and the processing time is typically 6-8 weeks.

NAFTA Business Visitors:

NAFTA Business Visitors are United States or Mexico citizens who temporarily come to Canada to engage in international business activities. They don’t need to obtain a work permit or Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

To qualify as a NAFTA Business Visitor , you must meet the following criteria:

 You must be a netizen of either the U. S. or Mexico.

 You must be entering Canada to engage in business activities that are international in scope.

 You must not be entering Canada to work in a Canadian job.

 You must have a clean and valid passport or other necessary travel document to enter Canada.

If you meet all of these specified criteria, you can apply for entry as a NAFTA Business Visitor at a Canadian port of entry.

NAFTA professional occupations list:




Computer Systems Analyst

Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster




Graphic Designer

 Hotel Manager

Industrial Designer

Interior Designer

Land Surveyor

Landscape Architect

Lawyer (Including Notary in the Province of Quebec)


Management Consultant

Mathematician (including Statistician)

 Range Manager/ Range Conservationist

 Research Assistant (Working in a post-secondary educational institution)



Agriculturists (including Agronomists)

 Animal Breeder

 Animal Scientist






 Dairy Scientist









 Plant Breeder

 Poultry Scientist

Soil Scientist









Social Worker


Technical Publications Writer

Urban Planner

 Vocational Counsellor

Medical/Allied Professional:



Medical Laboratory Technologist (Canada)

Medical Technologist (Mexico and the United States)


Occupational Therapist


Physician (teaching or research only)

Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist


 Recreational Therapist

Registered Nurse


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How much are NAFTA visa fees?

    The NAFTA visa fees are as follows:
    The visa application fee at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate Abroad is $160
    If the foreign national is currently in the U.S. and wants to switch to a T.N. visa from another visa status, they must pay a petition filing fee of $460 to USCIS.
    Premium Processing fee: $1,225 (optional; expedites the processing of your application)

  • How much does a Canadian TN visa cost?

    Here is a preliminary list of the costs associated with a Canadian TN visa:
    Port of entry application: $56 CAD
    Mail-in application: $155 CAD
    Premium processing: $2,500 CAD

  • What are the benefits of NAFTA for Canada?

    The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has had several benefits for Canada, including:
    Increased trade: The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) removed tariffs on most goods exchanged between Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
    Increased investment: NAFTA has increased investment in Canada from the United States and Mexico.
    Lower prices: It has also led to lower prices for consumers in Canada.
    Increased competition: It has increased competition in the Canadian business market.