Canada has emerged as a popular choice amongst people who wish to immigrate to some other country. This is because the country is growing at a fast pace and hence provides infinite opportunities. Every year many people apply for immigration to Canada. These include students who want to pursue a course or professionals who want to get a good job or even visitors who want to spend some leisure time in the country. The country has something of interest for every individual.


How to Immigrate to Canada

Those who wish to apply for visa need to apply to the Canadian Government irrespective of the province or territory he wants to move to. The applications are handled by the authorized department which is called CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The country has total ten provinces and three territories. Immigrants prefer provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.

Every province has something different to offer and therefore people usually choose according to their aim and purpose. Before filing the application, one is expected to know where he wants to settle down. This allows him to collect relevant information about the climate, opportunities, food and other aspects and thus helps the person to be prepared in advance.

Getting Quick Visa to Canada

Those who want quick visa to the country can hire a consultant or an immigration lawyer. They are experts in this segment and know the right techniques and process of immigration. It is necessary to fulfill certain requirements while applying for visa which can be known by hiring an experienced professional. They help in preparing all the necessary documents, filling up the application form which reduces chances of any errors. They even guide people on how to get job in Canada. The lawyers know all the policies that the Canadian Government follows when evaluating the application and therefore, helps in quick processing of the application.

Different Types of Visas

There are various types of visas that the Government of Canada offers according to the purpose. Some of the major categories are:

  1. Provincial Nomination Program: This program allows foreigners to work and live in the country. However, every province and region has different rules and basic requirements which a person needs to fulfill.

  2. Visa for investors: Individuals can either visit Canada on a visitors visa or can seek permanent immigration to develop business. Those who have relevant experience can easily get the visa since they help in boosting the country’s economy either by acquiring businesses or by investing in them.

  3. Visa for students: Canadian Government gives visa for individuals who want to study in Canada. The person needs to meet the eligibility criteria. There are number of institutions that offer world class courses providing immense opportunities for students in professional life.

  4. Visa for skilled workers: Individuals from any industry can apply for a visa. There is demand for skilled workers who wish to immigrate and work in Canada. They can be scientists, doctors, management graduates, engineers, chefs etc. For every skilled and experienced person, there is lot of scope and growth opportunities.

Sponsored visas are also available for people which come under family class sponsorship category. Contacting a consultant is a good way to get visa in a convenient way. Those who wish to immigrate to the country can consider ICS (Immigration Canada Services) for hassle-free and quick process and begin with the new journey.