Canada’s Klondike territory offers some of the most unique educational experiences and environments in the English-speaking world.  Though the provincial system is based on British Columbia’s curriculum, there are numerous additional programs for French and First Nations language immersion.

General education facts

– Education in the Yukon runs from Kindergarten (Year 0) to Grade 12.
– Individual municipalities and communities are responsible for operating schools within their jurisdictions through local school boards, with cultural communities occupying a special role in setting advanced curricula.
– The territorial education ministry, the Ministry of Education, is responsible for core territorial curriculum development and management, as well as teacher certification.
– All schools in the Yukon must teach a core curriculum, however, many schools offer highly specific courses and opportunities beyond these core requirements, including cultural education and linguistic training.

Post-secondary education facts

– In Canada, there are basically four types of post-secondary educational institution: 1) Universities, which are empowered to grant all levels of post-secondary degree; 2) University Colleges, which are empowered to grant four-year and two year degrees, as well as technical degrees; 3) Colleges, which are empowered to grant two-year and vocational degrees; and 4) Private schools that offer specific religious, vocational, technical or language training.
– In Canada, post-secondary education is the responsibility of the provincial and territorial governments, and the provinces administer all funds provided by the Government of Canada for the express purpose of college and university administration.  In the Yukon, the ministry responsible for managing higher education is the Ministry of Education.
– The federal government, however, still offers a variety of funding options to individuals and universities for research, student financial aid, and for various scholarships.  There are also additional programs and funding available for those looking to reside in the northern territories.

Opportunities for higher learning in the Yukon

– The lone post-secondary institution in the Yukon is Yukon College, with its campus at Whitehorse, the college grants certificates and degrees in a limited number of programs.