Canada is one of the most spectacular countries which are now opening a lot of job opportunities after the recent recession is over. Being a member of the G-8, this country has developed a lot in the economic sector creating a chance of prospective growth for all those people who want to apply for a work permit in Canada. Anyone who is planning to work in Canada has to make a list of all the necessary documents which will help them fulfill their dream. Canada jobs are based solely on the knowledge you persist with and how you can make use of it.
Canada is a country which is rich in its cultural standards and living. Moreover, it also respects the religions of other neighbouring countries which make it comfortable for anyone who would like to go there for any purpose be it student permit, work permit or visitors permit.
The steps that you need to follow for getting work permit Canadian visa are:-
    If you fill the form online, it will hardly take you 10-15 minutes to complete the process. You will be provided with a code by the Canada Immigration Services which will retrieve the documents to be submitted to them.
    First of all you need to fill the work permit application form and ask the company whom you are working with to give the letter of recommendation in which it is mentioned that you are the best for the job you are working currently.
    You also need to focus on securing a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada along with the job offer. You might even need your passport and some other documents if asked.
    Make sure you answer every question in the application correctly and completely before scrolling to the next page.
    You can pay the application fees and submit it. The application has some chances of being cancelled if the documents are missing.
All these points need to be kept in mind for your work in Canada procedure. If any question arises, there is no harm in taking help from an immigration agency. Also keep in mind that those who apply for a work visa have to leave the country immediately after it expires and also assure the Canadian visa officer that you do not intend to stay there and are financially sound to carry out your expenses while working there. Your criminal background will be check by asking you to submit a police certificate. A full medical checkup will be done to examine your physical ability too. So, follow the above instruction and have a happy job experience in Canada with all your enthusiasm and hard work.