How to immigrate to Canada from USA

Are you willing to immigrate to Canada from USA, but clueless about how you would do so without hassles? Millions of people have already successfully managed to immigrate to the Canadian land from USA.

To start with the things, Canada is one of the most-wanted and most admired hot-spots to move into. This land is especially preferred by the highly competent and able youths who crave for an established career and wish to kick start their life well in another country. Though the process is unproblematic and uncomplicated, yet it is a bit difficult and time-consuming.

Canada’s immigration procedures are segregated into 2 general categories such as:

Temporary residence

As the name indicates, this category includes the immigrants who are moving into the Canadian land for a temporary period of time. This group includes the following immigrants

• Visitors
• Foreign students
• Temporary foreign workers

Permanent residence

By now, you must have already got the type of immigrants included in this grouping. They are mostly the:

• Refugees
• Skilled professionals and workers
• Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people
• Family class immigrants, who are considering Canada as their permanent dwelling.

Now, the question is how to apply for immigration to Canada from USA. Here lies the answer to your question.

There are typically a couple of ways for applying.

• The application through lawyers/representatives/immigration consultants involve a tad of paperwork to be done with during the immigration process. It’s considered to be the best way of application. You just have to hunt for a reliable, experienced and resourceful person to support you throughout the process.

• Also, if your case is precise with full confidence, you can handle the process of immigration on your own. You can do it through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You can visit the website of CIC to gain more insight into the details of how to apply and also where to send your application. The website is considered to be the best source of information to shed light on the requisite details and make you stand with a clear-idea.

• You can submit the documentation proving your educational and employment claims.

• You have to bear the registration fees and application fees for every application you give. However, do keep in mind that you do not stand a chance to get the refund if your application is rebuffed due to any valid reason.

• You have to take up a medical examination.

• You have to prove that you do not hold any criminal record prior to setting out on your journey to Canada.

• After you have successfully submitted, the CIC office will get in touch to inform you the further procedure. The processing duration depends on where you applied.

• Once your application receives the approval, you would have to submit your passport and get your visa. Thus you are almost through!

• While you arrive in Canada, the CBSA officer will solicit your travel documents and passports.

It’s important to note that, to move as a skilled worker, you have to build up enough score based on the points derived from your education, previous work background, arranged employment, language proficiency, adaptability, criminal history and age.

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