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ICS is a Canadian is an employer recruitment company that recruits, tests and provides opportunities to skilled and deserving candidates to work in Canadian companies. ICS is currently one of the leading recruitment companies which have helped hundreds of people who carry a dream in their eyes of working in reputed Canadian companies. ICS is specialized in trades, Trucking, IT and hospitality services.

Because of our experience, we have a deep understanding of the immigration programs around the world and keep an eye on the requirements of the labor market. We have successfully helped immigrants who are now working in their dream companies. We are confident we can provide all our clients, workers and employers with great immigration and recruitment services.

Over Mission


• Our mission is to understand the employment requirements of the employers and shortlist the most-qualified and suitable candidates.
• We aim at providing the best contract placement services, project support and training to foreign clients and candidates.


• To deliver unique and innovative solutions that satisfies both the clients and candidates.
• With our unique recruitment policy, we aspire to become the overseas recruitment and Manpower Company of choice.


• We at ICS believe the most in customer value management. We manage each other’s customer relationship to take full advantage of strategies and worker’s’ job satisfaction.
• We provide customized solutions to each of our client’s needs. Our partnership with different companies results in selecting the best candidates and employees.


We recruit qualified applicants based on their qualification and requirements. Within ICS, the candidates are shortlisted and the candidates are screened to provide you with workers with the highest level if education.
ICS has a team of experts who are specialized in different fields of employment. We can provide expert solutions to employees regarding their future endeavors.

Our recruitment service standards and services include the following-

  • Job analysis
  • Overseas recruitment project management
  • Recruitment and placement services
  • Preparation and submitting work permit application for visa
  • Deployment arrangement
  • Housing services etc.
  • Deployment arrangement
  • Training to the candidates/immigrants
ICS has a range of offices globally working in bridging the gap of employment by offering foreign workers in the Canadian companies and workplaces. We have a global reach. Our overseas offices are managed by ICS and we have several agents who undergo several tests and screenings before accepting them to work in Canada.


We are passionate towards making a positive difference for both our clients and candidates looking for opportunity to work in Canada. Respect, transparency, honesty, dignity as well as strong moral and ethical principles are our core values that we do not compromise for anything in the world. You will get to know how seriously we take our values when you shake hands with and give us a chance to work for you.

Why choose ICS as your Recruitment Company?

We work towards changing lives of people around the globe who dream to work and settle in Canada. We are proud to serve our clients and fulfill the needs of both- clients and candidates.

ICS utilizes the competency- based workforce recruitment and selection through our effective recruitment process called the ICS Recruit Advantage.

Under this process both the parties, i.e, the client and the candidates identify and analyze the recruitment requirements. On the basis of this, ICS will devise an action plan of customized solution to meet the ends of the employer.
Based on the employer client’s organizational structure, job descriptions and major duties, ICS identifies and formulates clear-cut competencies for the positions to be filled by the candidates.

ICS has various methods to facilitate recruitment and they are-

a. Alliance with foreign recruiters

Since we will recruit foreign candidates, we ensure that we only deal with our own sub-companies. If there are any third-party agents, they will be licensed in the country they operate.

b. On-line advertising

ICS places job postings in popular online advertising platforms as well as job-boards approved by the Government.

c. Right use of print media

We advertise in selected major broadsheets and publications read by target applicants. We have a particular advertising style that highlights job opportunities among the people who are interested.

d. Presence in Recruitment force

ICS is an active participant in job fairs which happen in many major cities around the globe.

In this ICS will work with the employer and decide upon the job vacancies in the organization. ICS will then devise customized job assessment tools and selection procedures.

The eligibility of the candidate to get Canadian visa and work permits depends upon-

Evaluation and skills verification tests

The selected candidates then will have to give relevant skills verification tests to validate the degree and to make sure of the candidate’s technical aptitude. Companies can also ask for competency exams and tests conducted by ICS. Sometimes, a candidate’s language proficiency is also taken into consideration while recruitment.

Interview of the candidates via video conference technology

ICS arranges a video conference for the selected candidates with the recruiter via poly-com equipment to face-to face interviews in any location.

The shortlisted candidates will only be forwarded to companies if they have a genuine interest in the vacant position of the company. The companies then provide their final list if selected candidates. ICS then starts the process of verifying the documents of the selected candidates which include-

Background check

ICS make sure to check your background to proceed with your visa application. This will help the employer know the candidate and give him peace of mind and potentially help protect you legally.

Processing of license required for working abroad

ICS will assist the workers in their application to apply for a license so that they can work in the foreign country without any difficulties.


ICS makes sure to provide complete training to the workers to enhance the skills and competency of foreign workers before arriving at their workplace. ICS works with the Employer to provide customized training to the candidates.

Processing of work visa/work permit documents

ICS may facilitate processing of these applications upon the request by the employer.

Flight booking and deployment scheduling

ICS takes care of the candidate’s flight booking at the best price and deployment scheduling for selected workers.

Acculturation assistance

ICS provides the workers a pre-departure orientation which prepares them for the living conditions of Canada so that they can adjust to a new country and adapt to the new environment soon.

Settlement assistance

This includes the following-

  • Application of bank account in the new country
  • Airport pickup and dropping the workers at workplace
  • Developing a community support plan to the area and region where the worker is assigned.
ICS understands that foreign workers will find it difficult to settle in the new country and therefore, ICS will work together with the employer in providing foreign worker guidance, supervision and assistance for the workers’ easy and comfortable settlement in a new country.

a. Retention strategies

Partner with stakeholders to create a friendly environment

Provide incentives and benefits that encourage the workers to do better

create training programs

Measure the success of the organization’s program through a survey

offer the possibility of direct employment with the employer.

b.  Workers’ visa renewal services

– ICS keep a record of the workers’ visa expiration

– ICS monitor the process of renewal of visa on time.

Why choose

Employer Section – Hiring Foreigners

ICS – Immigration and Recruiting Company has been providing a full service of Immigration Consultancy in diverse categories. Furthermore we cover Recruitment Services and we had proven our expertise in sourcing exceptional foreign workers with professional skills for Canadian businesses. We are in a unique position to fulfill your staffing needs as well as providing full service throughout Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and Work Permit applications procedure. Besides we are able to quickly identify critical data required to implement your foreign recruitment program, identify your staffing requirements and help you realize your retention goals.

Moreover, as professional Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, we eliminate the danger of noncompliance with government processes and approvals.

The scopes of our services include the following but not limited to:

  • Source foreign workers in Canada and overseas
  • Screen education and work history of potential candidates to ensure they comply with immigration requirements within the Temporary Foreign Worker program;
  • Assess and advise on all related admissibility and immigration factors;
  • Support cross-border intercompany transfer activities for existing employees;
  • Manage the LMIA process;
  • Support international candidates and existing employees with various immigration processes such as visa applications, work permit extensions, Quebec selection/acceptance certificates, PNP certificates, permanent residence applications, NAFTA, and ICT Specialized Knowledge applications;
  • Ensure that the company is fully compliant with all relevant laws, regulations and company values;
  • Monitor work permit, visa and passport expiry dates as well as application statuses;
  • Monitor and track the company’s day to day activities related to foreign workers to ensure the company is in full compliance with all related Federal and Provincial regulations;
  • Maintain Temporary Foreign Worker turnover to 10-20% or below.
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