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Fighting Immigration Delay

Have you experienced a big delay with your citizenship or Permanent Residency application?
Are you the victim of a never-ending security check program?
Are you frustrated that your immigration case is simply stuck or pending?
If your answer is yes, you have two choices: you can keep on waiting for who knows how long or do something about it!
Anyone who files an immigration application has a legal right to a yes-or-no decision. We understand that if your immigration or citizenship application is stuck in the system, the delay can have a terrible impact on your life.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has set service standards that each Canadian Immigration Visa Office is expected to meet with respect to every category of Canadian immigration. If the Canadian Immigration Visa Office processing your application is not meeting those service standards with respect to your file, you have recourses available to you.
You may retain our law firm to provide you with an analysis of the current status of your application and a plan of action to get your application on track to a final disposition.
We will write letters to program and case managers requesting their intervention on your behalf and proceeding to final disposition. We will use “A writ of mandamus” as a last resort (File suit in the Federal Court of Canada).

Let’s Work Together

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