Here is the data from the 2011 about the Japanese Canadian and that make a sense the the Japanese Immigrants to Canada ration is increasing every years. The main reason for the immigration to Canada is study & business is for the long term and for the short term visa is for the visitor and temporary project or work visa.

Japanese Canadian population by province and territory in Canada in 2011 according to Statistics Canada:

Province or territory Japanese Canadians Percentage
 Canada 109,740 0.3%
 British Columbia 45,895 1.0%
 Ontario 37,910 0.3%
 Alberta 15,650 0.4%
 Quebec 5,555 0.0%
 Manitoba 2,335 0.1%
 Saskatchewan 985 0.1%
 Nova Scotia 530 0.0%
 New Brunswick 395 0.1%
 Prince Edward Island 190 0.1%
 Yukon 145 0.4%
 Newfoundland and Labrador 75 0.0%
 Northwest Territories 70 0.2%
 Nunavut 10 0.0%

There are really major benefit to immigrate from Japan to Canada:

  • A main  benefit of immigrating to Canada is right to work & live at any location within the Canada. A permanent resident  has rights to all social benefits like public schooling & health care facilities  for children at no charge for immediate family members.
  • Immigrants allow to shift to Canada with family, including parents and children also facilitate there is no restriction for the native country visit when they want.
  • Canadian Government facilitates financial support to those who face unemployment & monetary crisis. plus couples with children are given financial benefit on time to time basis.
  • A person with the permanent resident status can also extend an invitation (sponsor) to family members, brothers and sisters to settle in the country.
  • A Canadian resident get the visitor visa to visit United States, does not need additional process for  visitor visa for USA.
  • Under the NAFTA agreement, any immigrant, after settled at Canada, can expand or  explore his or her business to USA easily.
  • All the new& old  residents have the same freedom & rights plus  status as that of Canadian citizens which is really an exceptional authority in the present turbulent world compare to the other countries.