As it became known, the province of Nova Scotia, in the coming weeks, will open a popular immigration program – Nova Scotia Nominee Program. This will happen for the first time since 2015!

The Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream is a part of the provincial program named Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) and is one of the two NSNP streams, where the federal immigration Express Entry system is used.

The Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry – is a stream made for highly skilled professionals with higher education and work experience that will allow them to successfully adapt and live in the province of Nova Scotia. This stream covers the applications from representatives of a limited number of professions and this number of professions depends on the situation on the labor market.

The program is open to candidates from the Express Entry database meeting the eligibility criteria. All successful candidates receiving the nomination certificate will also receive 600 additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and an invitation (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada.

Nova Scotia is not the first to activate this program in 2017. We remind you that in recent months, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia have been particularly active and hospitable for candidates from the Express Entry database.

Canada seeks to attract up to 51 000 new permanent residents through the provincial permanent residence programs in 2017, which is 7% more than last year.

Speaking of Nova Scotia, this province has been a hospitable home for thousands of immigrants from all over the world for more than one century.

Nova Scotia announced that this stream could be suspended and periodically resumed throughout the year, until the maximum number of applications is achieved. A similar strategy was recently implemented in the province of Ontario for the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities program.

“This great news from Nova Scotia will certainly stimulate the candidates in the Express Entry pool,” said the Attorney David Cohen.

The Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry previously worked on the scheme “first come, first served”. This means that there is no need for an “expression of interest” or a “registration stage”. The program will open in the coming weeks, which means that those who are better prepared have more chances to succeed.

To apply, applicants must:

  • Have an active profile in the Express Entry database;
  • Have at least one year of experience in the profession from the priority list;
  • Have a certificate of secondary education in Canada or an equivalent document;
  • Prove the knowledge of English or French at the level 7 of Canadian Language Benchmark;
  • Score 67 points or more on six factors of selection of this stream;
  • Confirm the availability of sufficient financial resources for a successful settlement in Nova Scotia.

Here is how the list of professions, according to which it was necessary to have experience in order to apply for participation in the program in 2015 (when the last time the stream was opened), looked like:

Note: This list may change in 2017

NOC Occupation Skill Level
1111 Financial auditors and accountants A
1121 Financial and investment analysts A
1225 Purchasing agents and officers B
2131 Civil engineers A
2113 Geoscientists and oceanographers A
2132 Mechanical engineers A
2133 Electrical and electronics engineers A
2141 Industrial and manufacturing engineers A
2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) A
2171 Information systems analysts and consultants A
2172 Database analysts and data administrators A
2173 Software engineers and designers A
2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers A
2175 Web designers and developers A
2231 Civil engineering technologists and technicians B
2232 Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians B
2241 Electrical and electronic engineering technologists and technicians B
2253 Drafting technologists and technicians B
2262 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers B
2282 User support technicians B
3012 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses A
3142 Physiotherapists A
3143 Occupational therapists A
3211 Medical laboratory technologists B
3233 Licensed practical nurses B
4151 Psychologists A
4153 Family, marriage and other related counsellors A
6235 Financial sales representatives B