Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program

The Quebec Self-Employed category of Canadian immigration was designed to allow qualified individuals the opportunity to obtain a Canada immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa provided that they can effectively establish themselves in the Province of Quebec by practicing a trade or profession for their own account.

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Come to Québec to create your own job by practicing a profession or trade on your own account.
  • Have net assets of at least C$100,000 that have been legally obtained with, where applicable, your married or common-law spouse provided he or she is accompanying you
  • Have at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade you plan to practise in Québec.

Assessment of your application will also take into account other factors, such as:

  • Your age and the age of your spouse, where applicable
  • The nature and duration of your respective professional training
  • Your language skills
  • Your personal qualities and your knowledge of Québec.

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