Temporary Resident Permit Canada (TRP)

If an individual is inadmissible to Canada, due to criminal, security or medical reasons, but requires entry to Canada, they may be eligible for a Temporary Resident Permit Canada (TRP). Kindly note that the following information is not about Temporary Resident Visas (TRV), commonly referred to as a Canadian visitor visa.

A TRP allows an individual to overcome their inadmissibility for a specified reason and for a specified period of time. The applicant is required to demonstrate there is a significant reason they must enter Canada. A person who is criminally inadmissible to Canada, is inadmissible for work, study, visitation purposes and is prohibited from submitting an application for Canadian permanent residence.

A Temporary Resident Permit Canada will help an inadmissible person gain entry to Canada, though only for a temporary purpose. In other words, a TRP can only be used for entry to Canada as a foreign worker, foreign student or as a visitor but not for any permanent residency processes.

A Temporary Resident Permit Canada is required until such time as medical, security and criminal inadmissibility has been removed.

Applicants can apply for a (TRP) at Canadian visa office or at a port of entry. The Canadian government encourages individuals to apply well in advance if they know they must enter Canada and are inadmissible.

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