PNP Ontario Program / Opportunities Ontario – Provincial Nominee Program


Skilled Workers

Opportunities Ontario helps employers who are having difficulty finding the skilled workers they need. It also allows investors to bring in key employees on a permanent basis. Through the program, employers and investors can recruit foreign workers in any managerial, professional or skilled trades occupation (see the NOC 0, A or B categories).

Opportunities Ontario helps foreign workers who have a job offer and are already in Ontario or those being recruited from abroad to become permanent residents of Canada
Opportunities Ontario is employer driven stream.

This means that if you are seeking nomination, you can apply only if you have:

  • Legal status to be in Canada, if you are already working or visiting Canada;
  • A permanent full-time job offer for a position in an occupation that is designated as highly skilled (National Occupation Classification 0, A, or B) and has been approved by the Opportunities Ontario program;
  • Received an Employer Pre-Screen Approved Position Form, along with the Nominee Application package from an approved employer; and,
  • At least two years of work experience in the intended occupation, or an appropriate licence or registration in Ontario in a regulated profession.

Occupations In Demand In Ontario

International Students

Education In Ontario: You have studied in Canada and you have an opportunity to work in Ontario. Opportunities Ontario facilitates the immigration process and may expedite the permanent resident status
process so that you can make Ontario your home.

Am I eligible?

Are you an international student completing your last semester, or have you graduated within the past two years? If so, you may qualify for Opportunities Ontario. Here’s what you should know:

  • at least half of your studies must have been completed at a publicly funded Canadian college or university;
  • you must have completed at least a two-year diploma or degree program, while studying full-time; and,
  • one year post-graduate degree and certificate programs that require a previous degree are also eligible
Job requirements:

To qualify, you must have an offer of permanent and full-time employment from an Ontario employer, for an approved position by Opportunities Ontario. The job must be in a managerial, professional or skilled
trade occupation. The job offer does not have to be related to your field of study.

If you are on a scholarship that has specific conditions, you must meet these conditions before applying to Opportunities Ontario. For example, your scholarship may require that you return to your home country.

International PhD Students

Interested PhD graduates need to submit a Nominee Application Form for International PhD Graduates directly to the program. If your Nominee Application is approved, the Ontario government will nominate you and your eligible dependents for permanent resident status.

After being nominated by Opportunities Ontario, you must apply for permanent resident status within six months to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

How does the application process work?

There are two steps:

Step 1: Employer Application

When employers want to fill a managerial, professional or skilled trade position, they must first apply to have the position approved by Opportunities Ontario. If the application is successful, the employer receives a Nominee Application package for each approved nominee position.

Step 2: Individual Application

The Nominee Application package is completed by you, the foreign worker. On successful review, you and your family will receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate. You and your family will then apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent resident status

Are there deadlines?

Yes. After a position is approved, a completed Nominee Application must be received by Opportunities Ontario within 60 days. Once your application is approved by Opportunities Ontario, you must apply to Citizenship and Immigration

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